[REVIEW] The Men of Yoshiwara: Hayabusa Main Volume

The Men of Yoshiwara Hayabusa

After leaving the banquet held in her honor, the MC stumbles across a mysterious man in the quiet of the Inari shrine. Enchanted by his beauty, she soon realizes him as her childhood friend Hayato! Known as the courtesan Hayabusa at Kikuya, the MC finds herself drawn to the pleasure district to spend time with him despite his pleas for her to stay away. When someone starts to suspect the MC of her crime in aiding a courtesan and his lover elope, Hayato declares that he’ll protect the MC like he did in the past! Continue reading

[REVIEW] The Men of Yoshiwara: Iroha 2nd Season Main Volume

Yoshiwara Iroha

Leaving his days at Kikuya behind him, Iroha and the MC are happily in love as they live life as a married couple. Though they’re already married on paper, Iroha proposes to the MC once again, wanting to hold a ceremony! Amidst preparations for their ceremony, a mysterious young man with an ogre’s skull appears in Yoshiwara. Soon afterwards a gang of thieves comes to the island looking for ogres, and fate seems intent on separating the MC from Iroha as a series of dangerous happenings occur. Continue reading

[REVIEW] The Men of Yoshiwara: Kagerou Main Volume

Yoshiwara Kagerou

Slightly frightened by the experienced courtesans in Kikuya, the MC asks to spend her time with Kagerou, a youth close to her own age apprenticed to Kagura. While his beauty is pleasing to the eye, his brusque words catch her by surprise; however, she slowly starts to learn that his words don’t always voice his true feelings. As they get closer with every encounter they share, the MC struggles to deal with her growing feelings for him as his debut as a full-fledged courtesan inevitably approaches. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Luke Foster season 2 Living Together

KBTBB Luke Foster S2 living together

After working in Dubai, the MC is surprised when she comes up to the penthouse during work one day only to be introduced to a black market doctor with eyes only for her collarbones! Hailing from England, Luke is looking for a new assistant for his upcoming surgeries, and the MC is dismayed when Eisuke orders her to take up the position. The eccentric Luke pushes himself to his limits performing one surgery after the other, and the MC starts to question why he’s so desperate to save his patients. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 2 Twist of Fate

KBTBB Mamoru Kishi S2 twist of fate

Mamoru and the MC’s peaceful days in Dubai are shattered when an item is put up for bid in the auctions under the name of Mamoru’s ex-partner! Mamoru has closed the case of Minami’s death in his heart, but when new information surrounding his accident leads to hints of corruption within the police, he finds himself at crossroads unable to figure what to do. When it seems like someone knows about Mamoru’s involvement with the auctions, he suddenly announces that he’ll stop being an auction sponsor?! Continue reading