[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Ota Kisaki season 2 Twist of Fate

KBTBB Ota Kisaki S2 twist of fate

Ota and the MC are happily living together in Dubai when one day they receive an unexpected visit from Ota’s mother! A renowned pianist and doting mother, Ranko disapproves their relationship and accuses the MC of changing her son from the “Angelic Artist” image he wears in public. She tries her best the separate them and drives Ota to the point where he asks the MC to elope with him! Fleeing to the bustling streets of New York, what will become of their love?!

I hadn’t realized it until it was pointed out in this route, but not a lot has been mentioned about Ota’s past other than his relationship with his mentor. After thinking about it a bit more, I noticed that only Ota and Mamoru haven’t gone in depth about their pasts. While Mamoru probably hasn’t said much about his past because he probably couldn’t care less (lol), it struck me odd that Ota hadn’t already discussed it with the MC since as an artist he’s usually very expressive when it’s just them (though he usually hides it well in front of others), and I suspect it’s because his past and background isn’t something that he’s comfortable with.

After the introduction of Ranko, my suspicions were proved correct. Like Ota, she’s pushy and won’t settle for anything less than what she wants; however, unlike Ota she doesn’t empathize the feelings of others, something I think Ota only learned because he was experienced the receiving end of Ranko’s (intense) feelings while raised by her and because he met and fell in love with the MC.

While I could understand Ranko’s feelings, I don’t think they justified her actions. Parents can be extremely overprotective at times because of their love, but Ranko wasn’t just overprotective; she was outright manipulative and refused to listen to what Ota wanted. She thinks that she knows what’s best for him and refused to listen to him. I liked that the MC realized that Ota needed time away from his mother, though later on she changes her mind about the situation when she finds out more about Ranko and her perspective.I could empathize with Ota in this story so much because my parents were extremely overbearing as well; his reluctance to interact with his mother mirrored my own experiences. However, the MC encourages him to face his mother, something that he really needed. While it’s hard to see because Ota tends to hide his real feelings behind a smile, he was honestly tired of their relationship being what it was and the way it chained him down.

I did like the plot for the story, but I think it could’ve been written better. While the pacing was better than Baba’s Twist of Fate, I think that some of the development that should’ve happened was missing, especially towards the end of the story in regards to Ota’s relationship with Ranko. One thing I really liked was how Ota wasn’t afraid to leave everything behind for the MC; it’s such a big change from how he was when he first met the MC.

I liked this story more than Ota’s Living Together route, and even if you skipped it, I recommend that you get this story because it covers details about Ota’s heritage. While he does pull out the “Koro” card once in a while, you can see that Ota truly cares for the MC now ; w ; I’m excited to see how their relationship will change when they move to London in season 3! Once again, happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Ota Kisaki season 2 Twist of Fate

  1. I’m still to mad at Ota for introducing to MC to her mother as his pet to buy the route. In the epilogue he said he would stop doing that 😦


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