[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Ichthys season 1 Main Story

SCM Ichthys S1 main story

After asking the god of Pisces to save her, the MC is taken aback by how different he is from the other gods. Childish and mischievous Ichthys is known for his endless pranks, and while his carefree smile makes him appear to have a happy-go-lucky look at life, the MC soon finds out the sad truth behind his divine powers and mortality. Ichthys believes that destiny is something that can’t be changed, but when he and the MC fall in love, will he accept his fate and leave their love behind before it blossoms?!

Ichthys is well known for being a prankster in the heavens, and even after he’s been sent to Earth he’s always cooking up a scheme to pull on one of the other gods XD His divine power is healing, but it doesn’t make much of an appearance in this route compared to the other gods and their divine powers, though it does play an important role in the story. He’s childish, but in a different way than Teorus; though he’s quite mischievous, he doesn’t play the prankster for attention.

Voltage doesn’t keep it a secret that he’s not immortal, and this influences how he views life: because he doesn’t know when his is going to end, he’d rather live life to the fullest and have fun while doing so. While he says that he’s not concerned with when his life will end, he’s learned to put a lid on his deepest thoughts and tries to live a carefree life because it’s easier. He’s experienced regret due to his divine power and doesn’t want to go thinking “what if” for the rest of his life. While he thinks this is easier for him, he’s actually running away from his fears and uneasiness, which haven’t completely disappeared like he claims.

The relationship between the MC and Ichthys was well done. While the MC is unsure of how to approach him at first, she quickly learns that Ichthys is a kind person; she finds herself enjoying her time with him and looks forward to seeing new sides of him. She learns to appreciate his mischievousness and pranks because of the laughter they bring, something that Ichthys has never been thanked for before. I loved how friendly Ichthys was with the MC in the beginning; he genuinely wants to be friends with her and doesn’t have ulterior motives behind it.

This route focuses a lot on regret and living life, and I think I could empathize a lot with Ichthys because of it. Very rarely do people go through life without a single regret; sometimes we do things because we don’t want to regret not taking action, but end up regretting going through with it. It’s hard to find peace with our mistakes, especially if they’re life changing ones. Ichthys’s refusal to face his regret head on is understandable, and I loved how the MC helped him realize that he’s not okay with his mistakes just because he keeps telling himself he is. He finally learns to be at peace with the actions he thought were mistakes and genuinely starts to enjoy life in the end.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ichthys since he wasn’t a character that caught my attention, but I have to say that his route is probably my favorite after Dui’s. There are a lot of good things in this route, and I definitely recommend that you try it out! It’s definitely one of the better routes in SCM and you won’t be disappointed. Happy playing!

12 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Ichthys season 1 Main Story

  1. So whats up with the forbidden end CG? it just looks so odd. :D. Which ending do you like better? I love the blessedending CG so much.


  2. One more question. About Ryo. On a scale of 1 to 10 nhow romantic would u say he is after he and the MC get together? And which ending?


    • They actually don’t get together until the very end… Based on the epilogue, he seems like the type to hold it in but let it out suddenly (in terms of affection and jealousy lol). Both endings were a bit anticlimactic, but I think I liked the dramatic ending better.


  3. Wow! I really appreciate this review as I was on the fence about Ichthys. In my opinion, Ichthys is one of the better looking of the gods (not that I’m complaining about any of them ;)), but I wasn’t sure that was enough to make it worth spending that kind of money on his main story until I read your review. My favorite gods are between him and Dui (two gods for the price of one, who can complain?). I usually try to get the blessed ending first, but I have to admit, the forbidden ending was pretty funny/ they’re up in the sky which makes it a bonus for me. Just out of curiosity, is it worth buying Ryo’s route?


    • Ryo’s routes were okay, but weren’t my favorite in the game (that would be Nagito’s routes; they were absolutely amazing).

      It really depends on what you’re looking for in the story. You can read my reviews on his main story and sequel if you want a more in depth answer! ^w^


  4. Hello!

    I just started playing voltage otome games (like 1-2 weeks ago w) and I’ve been using your reviews as a reference so I’m here to drop you a comment to say thanks for the reviews! ^^

    SCM is my first one so here I am and I absolutely love Ichthys’ route!
    He’s also the first character that I chose even without reading any reviews because he’s a Pisces (and I am one as well).

    He’s really such a sweetheart and I find myself squealing in front of my screen so many times mumbling how cute and sweet he is…

    To be honest, it is only in game where you can clearly see (and you know since it is his route!) that he’s falling for the MC but realistically speaking, such character is one of the hardest to decipher whether he’s just having fun with you around as a friend or he is romantically inclined towards you.

    Nevertheless I enjoyed his route to a great extent especially since he’s such an adorable dork. ❤


  5. Hi!

    I kinda feel what you just said! I just finised reading Ichthys and i literally cried… Love2 the story… Haha… But i haven’t check the Forbidden Ending.
    Can i ask.? Which do you recommend i should buy the next story should i’ll read? Im still confuse who should i read next…

    Gladly will appreciate your reply. Thanks! 😁


    • I’m really glad that you liked his story so much! 😀

      As for your next story, it depends on what you’re looking for. Are there certain characters or situations that you prefer? ^w^


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