[REIVEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Ryo Chibana season 1 Main Story

SITS Ryo Chibana S1 main story

After agreeing to be Revance’s ghostwriter in exchange for a future in screen writing, the MC is told to write the lyrics for two songs within ten days. Unable to come up with words of her own, she visits a café she frequents only to bump into none other than Ryo himself! After agreeing to help her with the lyrics, the MC continues to meet up with the mysterious Ryo. She starts to see that there’s more than what meets the eye of the quiet but talented lyricist of Revance, and slowly starts to fall for him as they piece together the words of a love song.

At first glance, Ryo doesn’t seem like a member of Revance. Easygoing and comfortable to be around, he doesn’t give off the vibe of die-hard dedication and passion that the other members display. Rather than pushing himself to his limits, he’s someone who likes to go at his own pace to achieve his goals; however, he’s just as earnest in his wish to better his skills and contribute to Revance’s success. Ryo is a very calm and mature person, and while this may make him seem like a softer person in comparison to the other band members, he has a stubborn streak that none of them can best; when he thinks what he’s doing is right, almost nothing can stop him.

Ryo genuinely feels bad that he put the MC in the situation that he did. However, he’s struggling with feelings of inadequacy; he feels as if he’s missing something when it comes to writing his lyrics. He’s lost his way in something he loves to do, and add in the MC’s latent talent for writing lyrics, he feels even more lost in his jealousy. I could relate to how he felt in this story; however, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s running away from his problems instead of facing them head on. His stubbornness won’t allow him to go back and talk to his friends because he honestly believes that his solution to his problem is the best that he can do.

While the build up of romantic feelings between the MC and Ryo is gradual in the beginning, there’s a situation in the story that causes it to suddenly rush forward. I personally didn’t agree with how Voltage developed their relationship because it could’ve been done a lot more gradually and meaningfully. It felt like a cop out because they couldn’t think of anything better to progress their relationship; personally, I viewed it more as lazy writing =___= The relationship development between the two was done in bursts rather than gradually after the situation I mentioned, and I don’t think it helped with the pace of the story.

While the MC grows a lot through her struggles in writing lyrics for Revance in the other routes, I didn’t see a lot of professional growth for her in this story. She asks Ryo for a lot of advice, which isn’t a bad thing in itself. However, I didn’t like how Voltage made it so that she couldn’t write anything on her own without Ryo; I understand that they meant to convey that they can write lyrics together because of their love, but making her unable to write her own through her own abilities felt a bit excessive.

Because of the role Ryo played in the setting of the game, I was really looking forward to this route. I was a bit disappointed in how predictable the plot was; it went almost exactly how I thought it would, though there were a few unexpected twists that added a little spice to the story. While the route wasn’t bad, it wasn’t particularly good; I enjoyed the overall story, but it’s not a route that I think everyone has to play. Both endings were a bit too rushed and anticlimactic to me; if they had been written better then I think my overall opinion of the route would’ve have been a lot higher.

If you were really curious about Ryo’s circumstances, then this route will probably answer the questions you have. While the plot itself was okay, I really liked the theme of this story. It’s something everyone can relate to, and I think if you do play the story you’ll end up empathizing with Ryo’s situation. Once again, happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REIVEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Ryo Chibana season 1 Main Story

  1. I thought I was the only one! I felt that the relationship between the MC and Ryo was extremely rushed. Ryo was very distant and I didn’t really feel like I knew him at all. If anything I think I fell for Iori instead cuz dang he was being really nice to the MC LOL.


    • Iori was nice to the MC to the point where I thought that there would be a love triangle (thank goodness there wasn’t ; w ; ) Hopefully Ryo’s sequel will be better! I think I’ll like his character, but this route didn’t meet the expectations that I had for it *sigh*


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