[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Sosuke Kikuchi season 2 The Proposal

FILA Sosuke Kikuchi S2 the proposal

After receiving a prank proposal from Kanata, the MC is shocked when Sosuke asks for her hand in marriage right afterwards! Troubled by his proposal made out of jealousy, the MC worries even more when Sosuke is scouted for the Olympics! She couldn’t be happier and wants to support him, but wonders if marriage is the right thing to do when they’re both finally reaching their dreams. However, their situation drastically changes when Sosuke comes back home with an injury and tells the MC that he wants to end their relationship?!

It’s been a while since I’ve played a route with Sosuke in it, but I think he’s definitely opened up a lot. He’s not afraid to voice his concerns to the MC, but his straightforwardness comes off as a bit selfish in this story; his worry and jealousy when it comes to the MC is a bit much, and I honestly didn’t like how it affected his relationship with the MC. I absolutely loved the MC in this route because she didn’t accept his initial proposal; she knew it was out of jealousy, and not out of consideration of both their situations and his love for her. I think it was an extremely big decision for her to reject it; she’s at an age where she’s pressured by society to get married as soon as possible, but she knows what she wants and won’t accept less, which I consider admirable and applaud her for.

Both the MC and Sosuke go through a lot in this route. As the older person in their relationship, the MC feels that she needs to be the mature one and consequently holds her feelings back; Sosuke goes through a lot of changes in his life, going from the prime of his career to possibly losing it due to his injury. He’s always felt anxious in regards to supporting the MC as a partner due to his young age and uncertain career as athlete, and I think this is what caused him to act on his feelings of jealousy and go as far as wanting to end his relationship with the MC when he gets injured. He wants to support her as a man, and his pride won’t let him accept help from the very person he wants to support the most.

While it’s easy to judge some of Sosuke’s actions in this story as thoughtless, he honestly was trying to be considerate for the MC in his own way. His insecurity and jealousy does make him act and ask of selfish things from her, but he learns to be considerate of both their situations and comes to understand that what he thought was best for them was done without properly considering the MC. He finds himself at his weakest and hates it; his pride tells him to let the MC go because he doesn’t deserve her. However, the MC’s unwavering support helps him understand what it means to support someone in a relationship, and he finally finds himself able to propose to her out of consideration for both of them.

I think this route did a splendid job in using side characters. Iku and two new characters introduced in this route do a fantastic job at supporting the changing situation and relationship between the MC and Sosuke. I really liked the relationship between the MC and Iku; they’re more than just coworkers, and I’m glad that their friendship is deepened a bit in this story.

There are more downs than ups for the MC and Sosuke in this story, but both of them grow as people and develop their relationship at a deeper level by the end. While I was frustrated by Sosuke’s selfishness at times, I enjoyed this story and definitely recommend it if you liked Sosuke in his season 1 stories. Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Sosuke Kikuchi season 2 The Proposal

  1. And then there are people like me. People who initially thoght Sosuke’s shyness was cute bbut then thought it was a little out of control and annoying. So I don’t know how i feel about him. Route still reccommended?


    • Voltage has a tendency to make their quiet characters a bit too quiet, and this is something that I dislike as well =___=;;

      Sosuke definitely isn’t quiet or shy in this story. He does a lot of growing up, but his attitude turns a bit selfish at times in the story (though he does realize this later on)


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