[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 3 No Love Allowed

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S3 no love allowed

After the MC transfers to the newly established Saison department, both she and Chiaki are shocked to find out that office romances are prohibited by her new Chief Editor! However, after a disastrous appearance of Kagetora’s sister at their office, the MC finds herself being roped into playing Kagetora’s girlfriend for the sake of peace at Shiki Publishing. Unsettled by their separation at work and the MC’s phony relationship with her new coworker, Chiaki finds himself caught in between wanting to protect the woman he loves or being too overprotective.

Looking back at Chiaki in his season 1 main story, I find it so hard to believe that he’s the same character two seasons later. He’s gone through a lot since then, and consequently has grown and changed every time. I think Chiaki has gone through the most growth out of all the characters in OTBS, and he grows even more in this story. He learns to trust people in his main story, be honest in his sequel, forgive and accept what can’t be changed in his proposal, and bares his faults and learns what it means to love and live for someone else in his No Love Allowed route.

In this story, Chiaki learns to respect the MC as her own woman. Chiaki knows that he’s changed a lot since he’s started dating the MC and while he’s thankful for the changes she’s brought in his life, he also feels that he hasn’t done enough for the MC in return. He respects her as a person and honestly wishes the best for her, but also feels obligated to protect the MC out of his love and obligation in order to “pay her back” for the things she’s done for him. This results in him being a bit too overprotective of the MC; he wants to feel that she needs him as much as he needs her.

I really loved how Chiaki handles his feelings. He acknowledges and expresses his anxiety, anger, and dissatisfaction maturely; this is something that’s been developing for him since his season 2, and while you saw a bit of it in his No Love Allowed story, you really see how much he’s grown in this route. There’s a certain conversation that he has with the MC in this route, and I honestly didn’t expect it from him; however, after reading through it, you fully realize the grasp Chiaki has on himself and his thoughts. He’s grown from depending on the MC to resolve these issues to being able to bring them up and discuss them together with her.

I’m usually quick to heap praises on Chiaki’s routes (yes, I know I’m guilty of this lol), but I have to say this story didn’t quite meet the expectations that I’ve come to have for his stories. While the issues that are tackled were well thought out, I think the conflicts and pacing could’ve been written better. There’s a clear divide in plot in the story; rather than one central story, it feels like two separate plots that Voltage tied together with a few loose connections. The change in plot throws off the pacing of the story, and quite honestly I wasn’t a big fan of the latter half of the story; the change felt a bit forced into the story.

If you liked Chiaki before, then I would recommend this route! While the plot wasn’t the best, it’s still a decent route in itself and both Chiaki and the MC grow up a lot. It wasn’t completely filled with pain like his season 2 stories, so expect less tears and angst XD If you haven’t already given Chiaki a try, please do! While he’s still a tease, he grows sweeter with each route; the beginning of this route had me screaming into my pillows because of how adorable he and the MC were >w< Even if you don’t decide to get this route, I highly recommend the epilogue! Chiaki is such a sweetheart in it ; w ; Happy playing!

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