Blog anniversary!!

Hello!! *waves*

I realized it’s been a year since I made my first post on this blog! (It’s easy to remember since it’s 8/16 xD )

I’m blown away by how far I’ve come in just one year! 180 reviews, 398 posts, and 500k+ views in just one year?!

When I first started this blog, I did it out of hobby. It was just a personal way to reflect on the stories that I read and a way to organize my thoughts. I never expected it to become so big, and I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart that all of you wonderful people come to this site and find my reviews and walkthroughs helpful. There were many times when I was extremely busy and felt that I should stop updating this blog, but your questions, comments, and likes encouraged and helped me decide to continue this blog (despite my slow update speed ; w ; )

Thank you for an amazing year! While the past year has been mostly focused on Voltage, I’m hoping this year that I’ll be able to branch out and write about games from other companies as well. Routes from D3, Solmare, and Genius games are sitting waiting to be played on my phone, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this year I’ll be able to find the time to play them! I’m also excited about new games that are being released as well; we’re seeing three PS Vita game releases in English this fall, and I’m super excited about this since the Vita seems to be the platform of choice for otome games in Japan and hopefully this signals that companies are starting to show interest in the overseas market! Which means more great games are going to be translated and brought over to us ^w^

Once again, thank you so much for your visiting to this blog! Here’s to another great one!


6 thoughts on “Blog anniversary!!

  1. Just wanted to congratulate you on this significant milestone. I also wanted to thank you for your insightful reviews. The only issue I am now facing is that I like variety of voltage characters resulting in a big dent in my account. Again congrats!


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