[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Ryo Chibana season 1 Sequel


With his identity revealed to the public, Ryo is busier than ever promoting Revance, both with the band and individually. The MC gets just as busy when Kyohei suddenly announces that she’ll be writing the screenplay for a movie that stars none other than Revance! Ryo finds himself struggling keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle living in the spotlight requires; the MC finds herself spending less and less time with him, and worries about how their relationship will change with Ryo’s growing popularity.

I’ve mentioned in my review for his main story that Ryo is very different compared to the other members of Revance; he’s someone who’s used to working and improving at his own pace. His desire to be a part of Revance isn’t any less than the other members, but the way he expresses it is very different. Being put in the spotlight after ten years of writing lyrics from the shadows, he faces significant changes in his personal and professional lifestyle.

Kyohei’s push to make Ryo a performing member of Revance didn’t surprise me; I thought Voltage would do this since it would give them more content for future stories. Despite how predictable the plot twist was, I think Ryo’s struggles adjusting to his new life were done well. Voltage did a very thorough job, from learning to adjust not being able to roam freely in public as he did before to struggling to acquire and develop a more varied skill set necessary for pop stars. I really admired Ryo’s work ethic; he’s someone who improves by trying, and he puts in an incredible amount of effort to catch up to the other band members and establish his own place in the new Revance.

There was a lot of focus on the MC’s professional development in the other sequels, but in this route I think hers was neglected in favor for Ryo’s. While it’s understandable why Voltage would choose to do this, I was still disappointed, especially since the MC didn’t get a lot of development in Ryo’s main story either. She does struggle in this story, but a large majority of the focus was on Ryo. Other than the conflict of Ryo’s rising popularity with Revance fans, there wasn’t much development in terms of their romantic relationship; there was more focus on their professional development. The little romantic conflicts that did arise didn’t particularly appeal to me because they felt a bit too predictable.

I liked this route more than Ryo’s main story. I personally found the story a bit predictable, but Ryo changes and grows a lot in this story. If you’re looking for a route with a lot of romance, this isn’t the one for you; like I said, professional growth is stressed more than romantic growth. If you liked Ryo’s main story, I definitely recommend this route; there’s a lot changes that occur in this story, and you’ll definitely need to play it if you want to play his future releases. Happy playing!

6 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Ryo Chibana season 1 Sequel

  1. Hey Yume!
    Thank you for the review 🙂 I am really grateful towards your reviews because it helps me which voltage characters to buy and also I love hearing your opinions. I want to ask which of the Scandal characters routes do you like the most? Because I am interested now that all of the character have been released and also which route did the MC development shine. Thank you for all the hard work XD
    p.s I hope that they release Kazuki proposal soon because I have been the season 2 pictures and I can’t wait any longer :3
    another thing have you been having problems with True Love Sweet Lies app? Because for some reason I can’t play a story since it always exit! I don’t know if you are having the same problems on your iphone or if just me.


    • I can definitely say for sure that Nagito is my favorite! His character and stories were really well written. In terms of story, I think I enjoyed Kyohei’s the most after Nagito ^w^

      The MC grows a lot in all of the stories, but I would stay away from Ryo’s if you want her growth to be the focus. Ryo’s stories focus more on his growth instead of the MC’s.

      Thank you for reading my reviews! I also can’t wait for more FILA proposal stories to be released ^w^ I use an Android phone, so I don’t think I can help you with the TLSL app; I think you should try reinstalling the app and if that doesn’t fix the problem, email Voltage. I hope this helps!


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