[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Junta Nikaido season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Junta Nikaido S1 sequel

After choosing to continue the program with Junta, he’s sweeter than ever as he and the MC continue to live together and proceed to the second stage. With Junta’s days of manipulation over, the MC is happy to finally be able to trust him. However, things turn for the worse when a series of threatening events happen to the MC! Junta is called away for one business trip to the next, and just when the MC thinks her trust in him is unbreakable, he starts to avoid answering her questions while overseas?!

Comparing Junta to himself in his main story, it’s hard to believe that he’s the same person. While his cheerful personality remains the same, his sweet actions towards the MC feel much more genuine; you can tell he honestly wants to have a happy relationship with her, and he works really hard to keep their relationship they way it is throughout the story.

Communication and trust are big themes in this route, and it isn’t a surprise when you think about how Junta used to be before he met the MC. While the MC says that she trusts Junta, little by little she starts to worry about whether or not Junta is truly earnest about his relationship with her. It doesn’t help that Kai feeds into her insecurities; I actually disliked him a bit in this route, but he does a good job at pointing out that just because the MC wants to believe in Junta doesn’t mean she actually does.

I absolutely loved Junta in this story. More often than not it’s the MC who pushes for more communication in the relationship, but the opposite is true in this route; Junta continues to iterate throughout the story how he wants the MC to confide in him about her worries and insecurities. He isn’t shy about telling her what’s on his thoughts, and is quick to notice when she’s feeling down and tries to get her to talk about it so they can think of something together. He shows a lot of trust in the MC in this story, even when she’s put in situations where he easily could’ve doubted her; while it’s no explicitly stated, I think his reason for doing so is because he knows that it isn’t easy for the MC to trust him, even though she say she does. He puts himself in the vulnerable position of trusting first, and I honestly loved him for it.

The plot felt like it was split into two; while there was a connection between the first and second halves of the route, there’s a change of pace in between the two halves that makes it feel a bit disjointed. It wasn’t the best-written plot, but it was decent (as was the pacing). Even so, I think the relationship development between Junta and the MC make this story worthwhile.

If you liked Junta in his main story, you’ll definitely love him in his sequel. While it was easy to write off Junta as a Chiaki copy-cat in his main story, I definitely didn’t feel that was the case in this one. I did find that the secret stories are out of order when I read them; you should read them 1->2->4->5->3 if you choose to get them. I personally liked them; I like the five senses theme that they’re using for then >w< Once again, happy playing!

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