[WALKTHROUGH] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Junta Nikaido season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Junta Nikaido S1 sequel

Chapter 1

  • “Wondering what might go wrong worries me.”
  • “Please don’t force your taste on me…”

Chapter 2

  • Worry about Junta
  • Say you’re okay and hide your anxiety

Chapter 3

  • “I should handle my own problems, right?”
  • Admit you’re embarrassed

Chapter 4

  • “…I can’t wait to see him again.”
  • Return his gaze steadily

Chapter 5

  • “For you and I to be happy together forever.”
  • Be polite and praise the painting

Chapter 6

  • Air kiss
  • Try to think of a reason he’d need to stay

Chapter 7

  • Say nothing
  • Be resolute not to let your heart wander

 MWA7R ending

2 thoughts on “[WALKTHROUGH] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Junta Nikaido season 1 Sequel

  1. I’m so glad someone cares about Junta enough to write him a sequel walk through. Btw, you’re sequel review was spot on. Junta as a character more than made up for the slightly scatter brained plot. Junta needs some love!
    Since you’ve reviewed so many of 7 Ring’s characters, who’s your favorite character in 7 Rings?


    • I try to write reviews and walkthroughs for all the characters of game that I play ^w^

      It’s honestly very difficult for me to choose. I have to many favorites in this game and I don’t think I can choose just one QwQ


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