[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 2 Twist of Fate

KBTBB Mamoru Kishi S2 twist of fate

Mamoru and the MC’s peaceful days in Dubai are shattered when an item is put up for bid in the auctions under the name of Mamoru’s ex-partner! Mamoru has closed the case of Minami’s death in his heart, but when new information surrounding his accident leads to hints of corruption within the police, he finds himself at crossroads unable to figure what to do. When it seems like someone knows about Mamoru’s involvement with the auctions, he suddenly announces that he’ll stop being an auction sponsor?!

Other than Mamoru’s past regarding Minami, you really don’t know a lot about it. You find out more about his past self in this story; surprisingly, he was a hard worker and on the fast track to a promotion back when he and Minami were still partners. The MC’s disbelief paralleled my own; it’s definitely hard to believe that the slacker detective that we’ve come to know and love was a diligent newbie who aimed to be an inspector XD

While I usually love Mamoru’s routes, I can’t say the same about this one. I’ve come to have high expectations for Eisuke and Mamoru’s stories since they seem to have the best-written plots, but this story was a far cry from Mamoru’s past stories.

The plot in itself had a lot of promise, but poor pacing and too much sidetracking from the main plotline deterred me from enjoying the story. The pacing was abrupt at some moments and slow at others, with poor transitions from one scene to the other. The main plotline felt a bit vague because the story sidetracked from it a lot; while they weren’t big, it happened enough that advances in the main plot felt abrupt and out of nowhere. It felt like the plot was sidetracked a lot in favor for “hot” moments, and while some people might like them, I honestly think it was a poor attempt from Voltage to add more spice into this story; while intimate moments are nice, if they’re poorly inserted and not developed well, I think they actually detract from the story. The action that’s usually in Mamoru’s routes was sorely missed in this story as well, though I wouldn’t have minded if the story had been written better.

Quite honestly, this route felt like a setup for the next. I remember not enjoying Ayumu’s MS1 from HLITF, but I enjoyed his MS2 a lot, most likely because while his MS1 wasn’t a strong route in itself, it definitely set the stage for his MS2 and made it one of my favorite routes in HLITF. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case for Mamoru’s Twist of Fate as well; hopefully his first season 3 story won’t disappoint.

I don’t think I can recommend this story right now; I think it’ll better to wait for his season 3 story and play them one after the other. You can’t exactly miss this story because there are a few pivotal scenes in here that’ll probably come into play in later routes, but it’s not an story that I’ll urge you to play immediately. I’ll be hoping for the best in regards to Mamoru’s next story, and until then, happy playing!

7 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 2 Twist of Fate

  1. i know u dont do reviews for kiss me on clover hill but do you reccomend kazutos route yusuke route sho’s route and chihiro’s route? a little extra detail on yusuke cause i think he will end up eing my fav. was blown away by bunta’s route.


    • I haven’t posted reviews for KMOCH routes because I haven’t played them yet ; A ; I bought all of them, but just haven’t been able to find the time to play them… I’m glad that you liked Bunta’s route (he’s such a cutie) and I can’t wait to play it now!


  2. Well lucky for me I found a review for Yusuke’s rout and it apparently is well written so I’ll buy it.
    Bunta really is cute both in personality and CGs. Usually Voltage does a bad job with quiet characters when it comes plots but Bunta’s route was amzing.
    I can’t wait to play MFLK. Apparently the guy that rejected the MC has a route so that’ll be an interesting route to play


    • Ahh I agree that Voltage usually doesn’t do that great of a job with quiet characters ; A ;

      I’m glad that you found a review! I’m also excited that Hiroki has a route and can’t wait to play it. My initial opinion of him changed while playing Ayato’s story so hopefully we’ll see it being translated soon ^w^


      • I know Voltage doesn’t do a good job with quiet character but I can’t help falling for them *cough* Takashi *cough*. I can’t help it. I mean getting in a slump because he’s too distracted by thoughts of the MC to work on music? Aww!
        It certainly took me a while to find a review. Who’s KMOCH route are you most excited to play?


        • I’m most excited to play Chihiro’s route! I think it’s attractive when a guy can play the piano (/w\)

          I do love Takashi and Kaoru as characters, but I can’t help but think that their routes fall short when you compare them to the other ones in their respective games. I wish Voltage would put more effort into their quiet characters ; A ;


        • I’m excited to play his route too. He’s a bit of a sweetheart in Bunta’s route.
          I know what you mean. Other companies do well with quiet characters! Why can’t Voltage?


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