[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Luke Foster season 2 Living Together

KBTBB Luke Foster S2 living together

After working in Dubai, the MC is surprised when she comes up to the penthouse during work one day only to be introduced to a black market doctor with eyes only for her collarbones! Hailing from England, Luke is looking for a new assistant for his upcoming surgeries, and the MC is dismayed when Eisuke orders her to take up the position. The eccentric Luke pushes himself to his limits performing one surgery after the other, and the MC starts to question why he’s so desperate to save his patients.

Pitched as the black market doctor who can perform any surgery, Luke is an a friend(?) of Eisuke and Soryu back from when they attended school in England. Like everyone else in the penthouse, he’s a colorful character; he’s a bit eccentric with his personality and collarbone fetish XD However, Luke’s attitude in regards to his profession gives a stark contrast to his comedic antics in the penthouse; he pushes himself to his limits, often going days without sleep so he can squeeze in another patient into his already busy schedule. He cares very little about his own health, prioritizing his patients instead; he wants to save as many people as he can, and his reasons for this mindset is explored little by little as the story progresses.

The beginning of the story is a bit slow and doesn’t have a lot of plot; the focus is more on the MC learning more about Luke and reforming the preconceived first impressions she has of him. She goes from being wary of him to worry over his lack of care for his own wellbeing, and as she learns more about his past and personality, she starts to fall for him. I wasn’t a fan of how the romantic relationship between the two was written. While the MC’s feelings for Luke did grow gradually, they also developed a bit too abruptly at some points, and I didn’t like how she finally realized her love for him. I hardly saw anything from Luke’s side; his feelings for her felt like they came out of nowhere. Hopefully Voltage will release a POV story for Luke, but seeing as Shuichi didn’t get one I’m not going to keep my fingers crossed ; A ;

I did like the plot. While it was slow in the beginning, it does build up and got more interesting as the story progressed. There’s a lot of action towards the end of the route and I thought it carried out well; I wasn’t expecting action due to Luke’s profession, but it was written in without feeling forced and blended in with the story. You learn a lot about Luke in this story, but it mostly pertains to his personality and his reasons for becoming a black market doctor. I’m hoping that we’ll find out more about him in season 3 since it takes place in London >w<

I have a feeling that most people will like Luke. He’s a kind person with a few interesting quirks, but he’s not as overbearing as some of the other characters in KBTBB. If you’ve been waiting to play his route, I think it’s worthwhile purchase; I really liked the ending in regards to his profession. I enjoyed the epilogue, and if you like the main story, I’d recommend getting it as well. Happy playing!

6 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Luke Foster season 2 Living Together

  1. Agh I really want to buy his route but then there’s thief x and tlsl 😭😭 is it true they’re discontinuing tlsl 😦

    And ik that you don’t have reviews for theif x but do you recommend taiga and hyosuke(?)

    And also I always laugh when I see the guys shirtless because it’s like–where are the nipples…. ^.^ yeah I’m weird ik 😁😁


    • The JP TLSL app hasn’t had an update for a while and it was also removed from Koi Cafe, so it looks like it’s going to be discontinued ; A ;

      I don’t have reviews for LLFTX up yet because I’ve yet to play any of the routes. I have all the stories bought, but between Voltage’s nonstop updates and my other backlog it might take me a while to get to it ; A ;

      Nipples are missing from all the Voltage CGs, I guess the CG artists don’t find them attractive so they don’t draw them (just like armpit hair lol) XD


  2. I played Luke’s route and his sequel and sequel epilogue. Needless to say sorry was my favourite guy but now I love Luke too. Hes more passionate than the other guys I think, plus I love how he calls the Mc sexy bones lol.


    • Well… he is a foreigner XD

      I can’t wait to play it now! I liked Luke as a character, but his main story left me wanting a little more; I think I had my expectations set too high ^___^;; Hopefully his sequel will be better for me!


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