[REVIEW] The Men of Yoshiwara: Iroha 2nd Season Main Volume

Yoshiwara Iroha

Leaving his days at Kikuya behind him, Iroha and the MC are happily in love as they live life as a married couple. Though they’re already married on paper, Iroha proposes to the MC once again, wanting to hold a ceremony! Amidst preparations for their ceremony, a mysterious young man with an ogre’s skull appears in Yoshiwara. Soon afterwards a gang of thieves comes to the island looking for ogres, and fate seems intent on separating the MC from Iroha as a series of dangerous happenings occur.

After leaving Kikuya, Iroha now works as a counselor for the merchants in Yoshiwara. The leadership and managerial skills he learned while managing Kikuya causes the community to view him as a leader; when there’s trouble, he’s the first person they find to try and resolve it. Iroha is usually cool-headed and on top of things, but when it comes to the MC he’ll drop everything for her XD His jealousy causes him to act a bit possessive of the MC; he’s not shy with using public displays of affection as a means of showing others that he’s her husband XD However, his affectionate attitude towards the MC is a stark contrast to the icy personality he shows when it comes to official business.

I thought Iroha’s parentage was interesting and was a bit disappointed that they didn’t explore it in his main volume. This story goes into his parentage in regards to his mother since he got his ogre side from her. While I’m glad that D3 did go into it, most of it isn’t revealed until towards the end of the story.

Quite honestly, the pace of this story is extremely slow. While the story does tie in the main plotlines to each other well, I found that it alternated between them too much and made any developments in the story feel too sudden or overdue. I think part of the fault lies in the length of the individual chapters; they felt substantially longer than any of the other routes that I’ve played in the game (they most likely are since they have three choice selections instead of the usual two) and the story felt a bit dragged out because of this.

If you were a fan of Iroha and wanted to find out more about his past, then I would recommend this route. If you were feeling meh about him, I don’t think this story will change your opinion on him. A very attractive side character is introduced in this route, and quite honestly I wished there had been a route for him instead of a second one for Iroha ; w ; There’s also this gem that happened; I kept laughing while playing this story because it would pop up in my head once in a while XD I only have Hayabusa’s route left until I finish with the reviews for this game! (I’m very excited to play his story; I’m a sucker for childhood romances). Until next time, happy playing!

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