[WALKTHROUGH] The Men of Yoshiwara: Iroha 2nd Season Main Volume

Yoshiwara Iroha

Chapter 1

  • I want to be a family with you
  • No means no
  • That’s horrible

Chapter 2

  • You said too much
  • Watch him
  • You talked in your sleep

Chapter 3

  • I felt dizzy
  • I trust your words, Iroha-san
  • It’s better to believe you

Chapter 4

  • Do you think it will go well?
  • He predicted this, didn’t he?
  • What are you saying with such a serious look?

Chapter 5

  • I’m well aware of that
  • Stare at Azusa
  • I’ll explain it myself

Chapter 6

  • …Please dress me
  • Will he become an adult?
  • Seems like it might be difficult

Chapter 7

  • Stare into his eyes
  • What happens after this is important
  • Something fun? What’s that?

Chapter 8

  • I’m pleased
  • It’s about your own safety though
  • You’re sly

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