[WALKTHROUGH] The Men of Yoshiwara: Kagerou Main Volume

Yoshiwara Kagerou

Chapter 1

  • Apologize for your faults
  • I won’t tell anyone

Chapter 2

  • Play it off as a coincidence
  • What a wonderful sentiment

Chapter 3

  • Say thank you

Chapter 4

  • Is it something precious?
  • See how things go

Chapter 5

  • Hold his hand back
  • Is there another way to get out of Yoshiwara?

Chapter 6

  • He was kind to me
  • We’re about the same age

Chapter 7

  • Say no
  • Call his name

Chapter 8

  • Gently stroke his cheeks
  • Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself

Chapter 9

  • I’m sorry for keeping it a secret
  • I like you Kagerou-san

Chapter 10

  • Yes…
  • Okay

Chapter 11

  • Worse than yesterday
  • Accept it obediently

Chapter 12

  • Hold his hand back
  • Calm down

Chapter 13

  • Quietly nod
  • I can’t do that



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