[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Junta Nikaido season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Junta Nikaido S1 sequel

After choosing to continue the program with Junta, he’s sweeter than ever as he and the MC continue to live together and proceed to the second stage. With Junta’s days of manipulation over, the MC is happy to finally be able to trust him. However, things turn for the worse when a series of threatening events happen to the MC! Junta is called away for one business trip to the next, and just when the MC thinks her trust in him is unbreakable, he starts to avoid answering her questions while overseas?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Ryo Chibana season 1 Sequel


With his identity revealed to the public, Ryo is busier than ever promoting Revance, both with the band and individually. The MC gets just as busy when Kyohei suddenly announces that she’ll be writing the screenplay for a movie that stars none other than Revance! Ryo finds himself struggling keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle living in the spotlight requires; the MC finds herself spending less and less time with him, and worries about how their relationship will change with Ryo’s growing popularity. Continue reading

Blog anniversary!!

Hello!! *waves*

I realized it’s been a year since I made my first post on this blog! (It’s easy to remember since it’s 8/16 xD )

I’m blown away by how far I’ve come in just one year! 180 reviews, 398 posts, and 500k+ views in just one year?!

When I first started this blog, I did it out of hobby. It was just a personal way to reflect on the stories that I read and a way to organize my thoughts. I never expected it to become so big, and I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart that all of you wonderful people come to this site and find my reviews and walkthroughs helpful. There were many times when I was extremely busy and felt that I should stop updating this blog, but your questions, comments, and likes encouraged and helped me decide to continue this blog (despite my slow update speed ; w ; )

Thank you for an amazing year! While the past year has been mostly focused on Voltage, I’m hoping this year that I’ll be able to branch out and write about games from other companies as well. Routes from D3, Solmare, and Genius games are sitting waiting to be played on my phone, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this year I’ll be able to find the time to play them! I’m also excited about new games that are being released as well; we’re seeing three PS Vita game releases in English this fall, and I’m super excited about this since the Vita seems to be the platform of choice for otome games in Japan and hopefully this signals that companies are starting to show interest in the overseas market! Which means more great games are going to be translated and brought over to us ^w^

Once again, thank you so much for your visiting to this blog! Here’s to another great one!


[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Kai Fujisawa season 1 Main Story

MWA7R Kai Fujisawa S1 main story

After choosing the seemingly uninterested Kai as her suitor for the month, the MC is shocked when she’s threatened into marrying him! Left with no choice, the MC acts smitten with cold and calculating head of the IT Solutions Group in the public eye. Determined to find a weakness of his that she can exploit, the MC learns that the icy glint in his eyes isn’t all there is to the man. His cool exterior hides a passionate heart inside, but not for romance; his strategic marriage to her is part of his plot for revenge! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 3 No Love Allowed

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S3 no love allowed

After the MC transfers to the newly established Saison department, both she and Chiaki are shocked to find out that office romances are prohibited by her new Chief Editor! However, after a disastrous appearance of Kagetora’s sister at their office, the MC finds herself being roped into playing Kagetora’s girlfriend for the sake of peace at Shiki Publishing. Unsettled by their separation at work and the MC’s phony relationship with her new coworker, Chiaki finds himself caught in between wanting to protect the woman he loves or being too overprotective. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Sosuke Kikuchi season 2 The Proposal

FILA Sosuke Kikuchi S2 the proposal

After receiving a prank proposal from Kanata, the MC is shocked when Sosuke asks for her hand in marriage right afterwards! Troubled by his proposal made out of jealousy, the MC worries even more when Sosuke is scouted for the Olympics! She couldn’t be happier and wants to support him, but wonders if marriage is the right thing to do when they’re both finally reaching their dreams. However, their situation drastically changes when Sosuke comes back home with an injury and tells the MC that he wants to end their relationship?! Continue reading