[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Ayato Hidaka season 1 Main Story

MLFK Ayato Hidaka S1 main story

After serendipitously being reunited with her childhood crush at work, the MC works up to courage to confess to him again despite being rejected by him five years ago. She’s shocked when he asks if she wants to go to a hotel with him, but luckily her childhood friend Ayato comes to save her. Ayato has always been there for her, and when he decides to teach her how to fall in love like a “real woman” through lessons, the MC finds her feelings for him slowly changing from friendship into something else!

Confident and outspoken, Ayato is an actor rising in fame. He and the MC have known each other since they were infants, and although he moved away in high school, you can see they have a close and comfortable relationship that’s special to both of them; although they’ve both grown up, they fall right back into the same rapport they shared as children. Ayato is overprotective of the MC and is extremely perceptive of her thoughts and feelings. He knows when she’s feeling upset and will do his best to help her out; however, he doesn’t sugarcoat his words and tells her things as they are.

The MC is a bit “wishy-washy” in this story, especially when it comes to love. While Ayato is overprotective of the MC, he points out to her that she can’t be upset about her rejection from Hiroki because she didn’t actively try to make him fall for her. I really liked how Ayato pushed the MC to go past the boundaries of her comfort zone and learn to do more things for herself instead of wishing and hoping that things will go they way she wants them to. Quite honestly, I found it easy to relate to the MC; it’s hard enough to confess to someone that you love them, but to actively go out and try to win their heart is even more difficult.

I really liked how their romance was written. Because they already have an extremely close relationship, there’s not much room to close in between them. I loved how their relationship changed throughout the story; it addressed the differences between their past selves and present and learning to accept those differences while realizing the growing feelings that they have for each other. Confessing to Ayato is even more risky for the MC compared to confessing to Hiroki because Ayato is a very important friend to her; she’s afraid that their friendship might be ruined if she does so, and quite honestly it’s a realistic and understandable fear. I think her feelings were written well, and I’m sure that many people will find it easy to relate to her (especially if you’ve fallen for a close friend before ; w ; )

Personally, it felt like I didn’t get see Ayato in this story as much compared to other romance interests in theirs. While you do learn more about his character, I think it was more in terms of him in relation to the MC instead of Ayato just by himself. Hiroki is character that caught my interest; while he is an asshat in the beginning, as the route progresses you start to wonder if he’s really as bad as he makes himself out to be. I definitely can’t wait for his route!

While the translation seems a bit shaky in the beginning, it’s more accurate to say that things weren’t explained well. As the story progresses, the seemingly contradictory statements in the beginning piece together and make sense. I highly recommend reading Ayato’s POV; it really fleshed out the story and explains a few things as well. Ayato’s route has definitely made me want more for MLFK, and I can’t wait for the other characters to be released! >w< Happy playing!

19 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Ayato Hidaka season 1 Main Story

  1. I didn’t play him yet cos i feel like his personality is super close to Minato as he kind of acts like him, but it’s prolly jst me. lol.
    And Same here. Hiroki definitely caught my interest too. I want to see him change his views about stuff and be all in love with the MC. lol. And that mole under his eyes Omg! I also really wanna play Makoto cos nice guys are way too adorable. ^^ thanks for a great review!!


      • Hi Alicia!

        Putting video playthroughs on any website is considered piracy so I will not do so and I ask that you refrain from asking others to as well. Voltage themselves have explicitly stated that they don’t condone such actions and will consider them copyright infringement (which is against the law).

        I hope you can save up and buy a few routes you want to play in the future!


      • Thank you very much 🙂 I actually typed a whole chunk of comment but it disappeared ;_; I just wanted to say thank you for always reviewing the stories ^^ I always consult your blog before deciding whether to purchase a main story and the same goes for this time around. Im actually very tempted by the free childhood stories campaign although im not fond of sadistic types so i would like to know your opinion. ^^ You have changed my mind about several characters before, so thank you for having this blog! I will always be cheering you on >o<


        • Thank you for reading my reviews! I think the free childhood stories are worth it; I really liked them, and they add a depth to the story since you get to find out more about their background 😀


  2. I think this game goes back to Class Trip Crush, the younger audiences. There are a couple of problematic lines around dressing her in both stories, but I’m glad there’s a story guys younger/less experienced fans. I know you and others weren’t happy with some of Star Crossed’s more adult content. I think I’ll buy Mako’s story, but that’s probably the end of the game for me.


    • Personally, I don’t think this is a game for younger fans. I can kind of see what you mean by less experienced fans, but I think a lot of people will be able to enjoy the game 😀

      It’s not that I didn’t like the more mature scenes in SCM… but they just felt a bit too explicit at times =___=;;

      I can’t wait for Makoto’s route! Both of the Morimachi brothers have caught my interest, so hopefully Voltage will release him soon >w<

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  3. Hi Yume! Thanks for the review + walkthrough for this story!! I love Ayato’s story from the start… I’m glad you make the walktrough (LOL)… but I’m curious for Taka main story, since I also like the “man with few word” type. Please make reveiew + walktrough for his story later when it’s come out. XD


    • I love quiet characters, but I’ve become a bit wary of them in Voltage games because they don’t seem to be as well developed as they could be D: I hope Voltage will prove me wrong with his story! I’ll definitely be playing it when it gets released ^w^


  4. Hi Yume! Big news! I’m going to make my own review site! don’t worry I’ll still look at yours. Your amazing reviews inspired me and one day I hope to be as good at writing reviews as you are but I doubt it. Anyways its going to be called “Sweet Like Candy Otome Reviews” and it will probably be finished by this week or next. I hope you don’t mind if i post a link when its finished. I’m honestly not looking to advertise it or anything like that i just want the person who inspired me to see my website.


    • Ahh that’s great! I’m flattered that I inspired you, and I’ll definitely check it out if you do post a link ^w^ Writing reviews has made me look at otome games a bit more closely when I play them, and I hope that it’ll be the same for you! 😀


      • Actually it probably won’t be up this week after all :(. School is making me nuts. Maybe next week. *sighs deeply and goes to take Advil*


  5. I adored Ayato (and Taka, too.) I’ve replayed bother routes and POVs several times. I didn’t like Mako, story was written okay but… I can’t put my finger on it. But, where my reason for disliking Riku is because of the whole “friends with benefits” thing.


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