[WALKTHROUGH] My Last First Kiss: Ayato Hidaka season 1 Main Story

MLFK Ayato Hidaka S1 main story

Chapter 1

  • Why would I be embarrassed?
  • Take him somewhere less crowded

Chapter 2

  • You’ve changed, Hiro
  • But how do I find a lover?

Chapter 3

  • Thank him
  • Does this mean… He wants me?

Chapter 4

  • Say something, Ayato
  • I’ll try my best

Chapter 5

  • It was only for a very short time
  • Blush furiously

Chapter 6

  • Give it a try
  • Why don’t you take some, Saori?

Chapter 7

  • Where do you want to go, Taka?
  • It was fun!

Chapter 8

  • Why do you ask?
  • So you’ve finally realized that?

Chapter 9

  • Tell him nothing happened with Hiro
  • You’re right, the real deal is better

Chapter 10

  • Actually, I guess you can take me home
  • I don’t know

Chapter 11

  • Do you really think so?
  • A light bulb burned out at my place

Chapter 12

  • I don’t mind if you keep it
  • I’m past my first love

MLFK happy ending

3 thoughts on “[WALKTHROUGH] My Last First Kiss: Ayato Hidaka season 1 Main Story

  1. I haven’t started his route yet, but I will soon, once I have his walkthrough memorized (thanks to this website right here). I just recently downloaded My Last First Kiss from Voltage Inc. For about 2 or 3 years I have been nothing but obsessed with Otome games, more specifically Voltage Inc’s Romance Sims. I love these games to pieces, and I plan on getting most of the routes, including the Main Route, Main Route Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, Season 2, and so on and so forth. I plan on playing these games for a really lovg time. By the way, I almost own all of Voltage Inc’s Romance Sims.


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