[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Seiichirou Hayami season 1 Main Story

MWA7R Seiichirou Hayami S1 main story

It’s been two months after the MC signed into the program, and the special executives are hounding her at both work and home since she hasn’t chosen a potential husband yet. In an attempt to find refuge from their advances, she finds herself asking help from none other than Hayami, the person responsible for her predicament. He lets her stay at his home under the condition that she’ll pick a fiancé within a month; however, she finds her heart swaying towards Hayami himself as she learns more about him.

Hayami is the (in)famous acting CEO of Sanno Corp. His reputation as a cyborg comes from his stoic personality and robot-like efficiency; he performs his duties well and with clockwork precision. He’s capable of doing everything on his own, and rarely asks others for help. His skills have earned him a place as one of the “Seven Beasts” of Sanno, and although he plays himself off as a coolheaded and business-minded man, Hayami is surprisingly kindhearted deep inside. However, he has a habit of keeping his thoughts to himself and rarely voices his true feelings, even when among his close friends. He has a surprisingly cute side as well, from his love of chocolate to his adorable blushing face >w<

Hayami worked as the late CEO’s right hand man when he was alive, and because of that, he’s always kept an eye on the MC under the CEO’s orders. He finds himself honestly wanting the best for her, and although the marriage program sees a bit heartless and rushed, he created in out of earnest intentions that she would find happiness with the man she chooses to undergo it with. His years of looking after her behind the scene has left him feelings that he feels are similar to a benefactor’s when deep inside, it seems that he’s already fallen for her. However, he (unfortunately) keeps himself in check whenever he’s with the MC, keeping in mind his responsibility to the company and the late CEO, as well as the fact that he’s not a special executive, and therefore not a potential husband for her.

I honestly loved the writing for this story. Hayami is a bit of an enigma due to his stoic exterior, and you definitely learn more about him and his “true self” in this story. The romance from the MC’s side was well paced, and you can see her falling for him little by little as she spends more time with him and realizes that he’s not as coldhearted as she though he was. His earnest wish that the MC will find happiness is her marriage is conveyed throughout the story, and I was glad when Haymi finally let go of what he thought he had to do and decided to do what he wanted to.

Hayami is definitely one of my favorite characters in MWA7R, and I highly recommend this route to everyone! I think most people will enjoy it. I found myself comparing him a lot to Ishigami from MSB and HLITF; they’re both “cyborgs” with a love for sweet things (and cute blushes >w< ). I really liked the secret stories for this route as well, and I highly recommend that you unlock all of them or buy them! Asahi was also a bit of a sweetheart in this route (why couldn’t you be as nice in your own =____=) Once again, happy playing!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Seiichirou Hayami season 1 Main Story

  1. I really enjoyed your review! After reading Hayami’s route I can honestly say that I fell more in love with him. He did remind me of Ishigami (as you said) with his “cyborg” tendencies, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had more of a heart than we were led to believe through his appearances in previous routes. I definitely look forward to his sequel!

    Keep up the good work with your reviews!


  2. I loved Seii so much 🙂 I got his whole season 1 now! I played ishigami’s route before too but I liked Seii much better & the art style in the game is one of my favourites. He’s definitely my bias in this game even though I really like Kai too

    Asahi was much sweeter in Seii’s route for sure, characters are always nicer or really mean in other routes, there is no in between :’)


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