[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Ichthys season 1 Sequel

SCM Ichthys S1 sequel

With Ichthys putting in everything he has into their relationship, the MC couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend as the two get more lovey-dovey day by day. The MC has the opportunity to meet his parents, and their future looks bright when she gets their approval. However, things turn for the worse when it appears that someone is aiming for Irina and Ichthyo’s lives, and something dark from their past is dragged into the present when it starts to affect Ichthys as well!

Ichthys is such a sweetheart in the beginning of this story and it’s absolutely adorable seeing him and the MC interact as a couple >w< Like a child who obsesses over something he loves, he puts in as much time and dedication he can to their relationship. Once again, I found myself comparing Teorus and Ichthys in this story; while I didn’t like Teorus’s childishness because it felt like he was acting so for attention, I loved Ichthys’s pranks and mischievousness. While he is a bit childish, Ichthys pulls his pranks because he genuinely wants to see the people around him smile, including the MC (although part of his motivation is for his own amusement XD ).

It’s explained in his main story that Ichthys lost his immortality by curing his parents of a disease, but it doesn’t go much further into the circumstances behind the situation. You definitely learn about the whole sequence of events that lead to him having to cure his parents in the first place, and while the story was a bit predictable after the first few couple chapters, the introduction of a (cute) new character and Irina and Ichthyo added to the story. I found it interesting that Irina and Ichthyo can cure illnesses, while Ichthys can heal injuries; it’s interesting to see how their powers landed them in circustances that were extremely similar to each other.

I really liked how you got to meet his parents; once again, I found myself comparing Teorus and Ichthys again since they’re the only two characters whose parents get sprites and play a significant role is shaping their lives. It’s easy to tell that Ichthys was raised in a loving home; however, because his parents are so well-known in the heavens, he finds it a bit stifling having to play the part of their son at social gatherings. This doesn’t play a big part in the story, but it added to the idea that pulling pranks is a form of coping for Ichthys.

I think a lot of people will like the MC in this story. When Ichthys starts pulling away from her and acting like everything is alright, she doesn’t take it quietly and pushes him to realize that he isn’t okay with the situation regarding his parents and that he shouldn’t run away from the problem. The story summary was a bit misleading; while Ichthys’s life is in danger later on, the primary targets are his parents. Once again, I have to criticize the pace of the story. The plot could’ve been fleshed out more, but being constrained to only eight chapters made the story feel rushed and the conflict not quite fully resolved by the end. It would’ve been nice to see the relationships between Ichthys and his parents developed a bit more (as well as his relationship with the new character). While Mykratos was interesting as a character, I didn’t get enough of him; it felt like he was just a prop for the story, and while he probably was, it would’ve been nice to see him developed as his own character as well.

If you liked Ichthys in his main story, I highly encourage you to get this route! You learn a lot about his past and background, and the cute moments between him and the MC are absolutely adorable >w< I also recommend the sequel epilogue as well; it interesting to see Ichthys and the MC’s positions switch from a certain scene in the main story XD Once again, happy playing!

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