[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Ichiya Misono season 1 Main Story

MLFK Ichiya Misono S1 main story

After being rejected by her first love, the MC is shocked when Ichiya, the terror of her childhood, asks her to be his woman! Unwillingly caught up in a contract where she’ll play his girlfriend for appearance’s sake, she finds herself spending more time with him both personally and professionally when his company is hired for a project she’s part of at work. She starts to realize that despite his harsh words and cold actions, there’s another side of Ichiya that she hasn’t seen yet as she slowly starts to fall for him.

Although he’s the same age the MC (24), Ichiya has a bright future through Air, the interior design firm he started himself. As the CEO, he certainly plays the part with his cold words and calculating personality. Everything is a transaction and a contract to him, whether its managing company relations at work or personal ones in private. He doesn’t invest himself in anything unless he sees that he can gain something from it; he judges everything by how much merit it has. Regardless to say, he doesn’t know a thing about love and views it only as a physical relationship between two people who can gain something from each other’s social standings.

Ichiya is a logical person and doesn’t make it a habit to lie to himself; he’s pretty honest towards himself in his head, though his words may express something completely different. While he comes off as harsh and even cruel at times, Ichiya does have a kind heart in him, but just doesn’t know how to express it, resulting in him acting cold and distant towards others. He’s a (very extreme) tsundere, with more focus on the “tsun” aspect instead of the “dere”. It’s more accurate to say that rather teasing, he bullied the MC when they were children, but his reasoning in doing so was more complex than just the stereotypical boy teasing the girl he likes situation. Ichiya and the MC come from very different family backgrounds, and while I won’t get into it because of spoilers, he’s rather envious of what the MC has and takes for granted.

I loved the MC’s character development in this story. She definitely grows a lot professionally, and Ichiya definitely plays a big part in this. I really liked how she got closure over her unrequited love for Hiroki; she realizes that loving someone is loving everything about them, faults and all, and her love for Hiroki was more based on her dream of falling in love with a “prince” rather looking at him as a person. I especially loved her changing relationship with Ryoko; while there’s drama in the beginning, there wasn’t too much and it feels like they’re friends (or beginning to be) at the end.

I don’t condone some of the things Ichiya says or does in this route, and he certainly isn’t a character for everyone. If you want honeyed words and whispered nothings, Ichiya definitely isn’t for you. However, I don’t think it’s fair to judge him based on his character in the beginning of the story. I highly encourage you to get his POV story; it definitely puts more things into perspective and made me appreciate his character more. He definitely turns a gentler little by little as the story progresses, and you see that he is kind in his own way, but just doesn’t know how to express it. There are quite a few cute moments in the game here and there >w< I have to say that I liked his story more than Ayato’s ^w^ Until next time, happy playing!

16 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Ichiya Misono season 1 Main Story

  1. Hello! I took your advice and bought both Ayato and Ichiya. I was really pleasantly surprised by Ichiya’s route, I might like him alittle more than Ayato in fact 🙂 The childhood stories were you like said, really worth it and adds depth to the stories.

    Really thank you for doing all these reviews 😀 and answering every comments ♡ *leaves chocolates and flowers*

    P.S I guess it isnt my first time commenting anymore though, haha ^^;


    • I also liked Ichiya’s story more than Ayato’s 😀

      I’m glad that you liked them and got to read the childhood stories! And thank you for reading my reviews and commenting on them >w<


      • 🙂 im playing Finally, In Love Again and my favorite is Tsuruya Yuto ^o^ but Yoh and Yuto doesnt seem to have a proposal route even in Japanese ; n ;


        • Ahh is that so?? ; A ; I’m really upset about that because I loved their stories! I didn’t think I’d like them a lot but they grew on me a lot… to be honest, I think their stories were written better than Momoi and Sosuke. I hope they do eventually get proposal stories at some point ; A ;


  2. What is the MC like in this game? I’m tempted to buy it, but the prologue really put me off. The part where she talks to her friend (whose one-night-stand shows up in the lobby) the MC thinks about how inexperienced she is with men, which leads me to the conclusion that she’s going to freak out and slip into a coma if a guy tries to hold her hand.
    Then there’s the unrequited love aspect: in the prologue, it seems the MC has reacquainted with Hiroki, and there is no chemistry or hint that he’s interested in her (other than a f*ck and chuck), but she confesses her feelings to him yet again. Is the MC masochistic, or just thick?

    I know I’m being harsh, considering I have only read the prologue, and I will happily eat my words, but after MCs like the ones in MPD and 7 Rings, I feel hugely let down by the ‘my reason for being born is to be the perfect doormat housewife who still acts like a virgin three years later’

    Okay… That was harsh, but I just can’t relate to those types of girls at all. It takes away from the immersion when all I want to do is slap the character that is supposed to represent me.

    If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them.

    Wow… That was a rant. Sorry!!


    • The MC confessed to Hiroki again because she wanted to believe that something had changed from her initial confession to him years ago. I don’t think she could be considered masochistic or thick; people turn hopeful when they fall in love. It’s also not easy to get over someone, even if you do find out things about them you might not necessarily like.

      I don’t view myself as the MCs. I see them as their own characters since they have their own personalities and developments. There’s no way that Voltage could possibly write a character that everyone could relate to; maybe you should try reading Voltage stories the same way as I do and you might enjoy the story more ^w^

      I personally think the MPDCTY MC is the furthest thing from a “perfect doormat housewife”. If you didn’t like her then I don’t think there are any Voltage MCs you would enjoy or see yourself in since she’s one of the most outspoken and independent ones Voltage has written. You might want to try the Voltage USA games; however, I haven’t played any of them so I can’t say whether the MCs would match your preference. I hope this helped!


  3. I really did enjoy his route, to my surprise just like everyone here it seems. I bought Ayato’s route as well and although it wasn’t terrible it definitely didn’t feel very exciting, especially after Ichi’s route. I like the mc better in this route as well 🙂 the mc wasn’t very appealing to me in ayato’s but after this route i feel so much better 🙂

    I’m not sure what to read next but judging from your review I think I’ll try Taka’s, I’ve seen a few snippets from Mako’s and I don’t think I’ll like the mc in it again. Thanks for your reviews! I always read them before buying ! 😀


    • Thank you for reading them! I’m glad they help you out.

      I (surprisingly) liked Ichiya as well ^^ I definitely recommend Taka! He has the best story so far imo >w<


  4. Ichiya’s route is one of my favorite’s out of all the Voltage guys I’ve read. I made the mistake of reading Scorpio from Star Crossed Myth right after reading Ichiya’s route and… It was unbearable by comparison.

    I love the MC in Ichiya’s route and her growth was well done. Like you mentioned, I appreciated that Ivhiya’s ex wasn’t some overbearing conflict device and that the MC even developed a professional and positive relationship with her in the end.
    The romance doesn’t come until the end, but I appreciated that considering their history. The slow turnaround was subtle and believable.

    Overall Ichiya may not be the ideal guy, but his route was one of the most entertaining and enjoyable stories I’ve read.

    In the “It’s a date” story, I did get a little frustrated that the MC seemingly regressed and that the two of them a hilariously bad communicators, but I guess their relationship is a bit complicated.


  5. Hello 🙂
    Thanks for the review. I know it has been longggg since this game was released. When it first came out, i dont know why was I so put off by it and deleted the app (being a loyal Voltage inc. Fan). But today, weirdly, i redownloaded and had a go at playing. Oh my.
    I had a childhood friend whom I shared relationship lile child Ichiya and me. And he was also a Tsundere – as he treated me so badly (dispite others keep on telling me he liked me). And yes I did have crush on my friend, so without hesitation, I picked Ichiya who was obviously a tsundere.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I thought, the story would go as the classic “i liked you but i dont know how to express my feelings so i bullied you” (in a senss what happened in real life like he and I) and towards the end I start to realise that the MC and Ichiya genuinely disliked each other. At first I was a bit disappointed about this, but in the end I like the uniqueness of this twist and to me, it feels like another form of reslove. So I really liked the experience of his route.
    Anyways, sorry for ranting/commenting on Ichiya/my feelings. I do have a question.
    While i have read your other reviews and thus I wont go for Raku/Hiro. Do you think Mako’s story would worth playing even if it may have a lesser spot/excitment or what you’ve said about his story? Is Ayato’s story good?
    Anyways thanks a bunch of listening. Good day!!


    • I liked both Mako and Ayato’s stories! It’s just that they didn’t quite get the same investment from me as Taku and Hiroki’s… I think it’s because they tend to follow the more traditional tropes that Voltage often uses in their games, but I think it’s worth giving them a shot if you’re not interested in the other boys. Personally I would recommend Mako before Ayato if you plan to play both as Mako’s story could possibly feel bland compared to Ayato’s.


  6. Ichiya is my most favorite route. i like cool guys and cruel guys.. because when you see the real them, you will be amazed. I like his straightforward personality that even it in his harsh WORDS TOWARDS THE MC, It FELT LIKE I’m dying in bliss.


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