[WALKTHROUGH] My Last First Kiss: Ichiya Misono season 1 Main Story

MLFK Ichiya Misono S1 main story

Chapter 1

  • Thank you
  • What kind of repayment?

Chapter 2

  • Ryoko is
  • Say something back

Chapter 3

  • Stare at Ichiya
  • Smile happily

Chapter 4

  • Just eating with him isn’t so bad…
  • You might be right

Chapter 5

  • Pretend you didn’t see it
  • Ask him how the flavor is

Chapter 6

  • Gently remove Hiroki’s hand
  • Ask him gently

Chapter 7

  • Aren’t you gonna eat some?
  • Ichiya, you didn’t get wet?

Chapter 8

  • Finish talking to Ichiya
  • I know that you’re sometimes kind

Chapter 9

  • (The words won’t come out)
  • That’s an awful thing to say

Chapter 10

  • I wanted to talk about the project
  • (Keep quiet)

Chapter 11

  • Stick up for Ichiya
  • Grip his hand back

Chapter 12

  • Also, I need to be here to anchor you
  • Get revenge

MLFK happy ending

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