[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Luke Foster season 2 Sequel

KBTBB Luke Foster S2 sequel

Now that Luke and the MC work together at Tres Spades, she finds herself busy between work and his incessant phone calls for her to visit him at the clinic! While he’s a bother at work, the MC is happy with her relationship with the charming yet eccentric doctor. However, when a hospital starts to gain fame for their successful surgeries and Luke’s patients leave him one by one, he starts to lose confidence in what it means for him to be a doctor and tells the MC that they should break up?!

Luke hasn’t changed much since his main story; other than doing a (slightly) better job of taking care of himself, he’s still the quirky collarbone-loving doctor we’ve come to know and love XD He does pace himself better with his work, but he’s still quite busy and the MC still has to stop him from eating only vitamins at times ^__^;; While he doesn’t sweep the MC off her feet with glamorous dates and expensive gifts, he shows his love for her in his own peculiar ways, and it’s still quite the comical site when he falls asleep time to time in the midst of showing her affection XD

Luke’s desperation to save his patients was covered in his main story, but now that he’s been set free from his past he starts to wonder why he’s a doctor. Does he still want to be a doctor? If so, why does he want to be one? Do patients need a doctor like him? These are important questions that arise in this story, and I liked how Voltage covered them because I think it’s a topic that needed to be addressed, especially since his past had such a deep influence on Luke; however, I think Voltage could’ve written it a bit better. While these questions were answered, I didn’t see the full development that could’ve happened, making it feel like Luke came to his conclusion rather suddenly.

Once again, I didn’t like how short the sequel felt. While I’m hoping that Voltage will stop releasing eight chapter sequels since they don’t do their plots justice and feel rushed and underdeveloped overall, I’m going to be realistic and assume the trend will continue. Instead, I hope that Voltage will stop trying to fit so much into the sequels and will write plots that center on a more focused problem and fully develop them. The plot for this story had a lot of potential and could’ve been so much more, but I found myself disappointed in the lack of serious development and how rushed it was. It also didn’t help that the beginning of the story felt slow took a while to build up.

Overall, this route wasn’t particularly good or bad. I enjoyed reading it, and if you liked Luke in his main story, you’ll probably enjoy it as well. If you weren’t a big fan of Luke, then I don’t think this story will change your opinion of him. I’m a bit disappointed since it looks like Shuichi isn’t going to get a sequel ; A ; That aside, I can’t wait to see how Luke and the MC will change in London! Happy playing!

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