[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Tsumugu Kido season 2 The Proposal

OTBS Tsumugu Kido S2 the proposal

With her work going great at Seasonelle and her relationship with Tsumugu full of laughter, the MC is content with life and gives her best everyday. When her friend gets engaged, the MC starts to wonder what’s in store for her in the future with Tsumugu. However, things take a drastic turn when Tsumugu has to leave for Osaka due to family issues. Rather than leaning on her for support, he starts pulling away and he tells her he doesn’t want to hold her back when it looks like he’ll be moving away for good!

While Tsumugu still plays the part of an “elite” at work, it’s clear that he’s opened up a lot at the office and is really part of the team now. His relationships with the other guys are a lot more relaxed and friendly now ^w^ He looks after the MC in his own way as well, and I really like how he challenges her to do her best but also respects and acknowledges her skills as member of the Seasonelle team 😀

Rather than the MC’s professional growth, the focus of this story is more on Tsumugu’s relationship with his family. I’m really glad Voltage introduced his brother Sazuku, since he was the only Kido sibling we’ve yet to see so far. I loved the atmosphere the siblings created when all four of them are together; it’s clear to see that they love each other dearly and watch out for one another (even if their teasing does get out of hand at times XD ). Sazuku is obviously the cherished youngest child, but amusingly he also seems to be the most mature out of all of them XD You get to see a new side to Tsumugu when he’s with his siblings in Osaka; while he still grumbles, he’s bit more relaxed in his hometown and it’s endearing to see him as a doting older brother >w<

Tsumugu’s back and forths with the MC makes it easy to forget that he’s not good at expressing himself when it matters the most. As the oldest child of his household, he’s used to putting others before him and placing himself last; he holds himself back and always tries to be considerate of the people he cares about. Trying not to trouble others is how he shows his kindness, but it’s easy to misunderstand his actions because of how he tries to distance himself. The mistakes he makes in this story helps him understand it’s okay to be a little selfish and a bit more honest with the people he cares about. I really liked one line the MC tells Tsumugu: “You can say whatever you want right now. You don’t have to be the Big Brother when you’re with me.” She teaches him that it’s okay to show your weak moments and rely on others instead of trying to “protect” them all the time.

There are a lot of emotional moments in this story. While it’s not a tearjerker, the tender moments between Tsumugu and the MC definitely do pull at your heartstrings. I think the conflicts and their resolutions were done well; the overall writing and pacing for this story was fantastic. I absolutely loved the MC in this story; while there are people who might not like the things she’s willing to give up for her relationship with Tsumugu, I think she does a good job of conveying to both him and the audience that these are her decisions to make. She’s her own person, and she has the authority to decide what she wants to do in regards to what she wants and what she’s willing to give up in life.

I definitely recommend this story! I enjoyed it a lot and found myself engrossed with it while playing. It’s definitely on par with Shusei and Chiaki’s proposals, and I’m glad that it met the expectations I had for it. It’s endearing to see Tsumugu try to express his feelings to the MC more towards the end and I honestly can’t wait for his next story (please don’t let the love triangle hurt too much ; A ; ). Until next time, happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Tsumugu Kido season 2 The Proposal

  1. Thank you so much for the review Yume,
    After reading this I am going to play all of his route over the winter holidays, but for now I enjoy reading your reviews. I am truly thankful for your reviews because you help me figure out which route are worth the buy (and also my wallet thanks you too) 😉 Anyway, I want to say someday can you please do Sakuya and Naomasa season 2 because even though this is the last season I still want to hear what are your final thoughts. Thank you so much for all of this, and I hope that Uni is not to difficult for you so please hang in there!
    p.s. I hope to Voltage that someday they will translate Issei season 2!! Because I saw a half summary for the story and from what I can tell Issei and the MC is going to fight in order to prove to others that their love for each other is real. (Spoiler) For example, the MC father is back and he is very upset that his daughter is dating the man who killed his wife. So Issei has to prove to him that he truly loves his daughter as well has try to get the MC father to forgive him so the two of them can move on instead of living in the past. Next, Issei job is in major danger, as someone is trying to remove him from the hospital AND try to take the MC away from him forever.
    Even though the translator didn’t finish the whole summary (I am still grateful to what we got) this makes me want the route even more :3 I am wondering if we can get enough people to voice how much they want this game to continue on voltage tumblr maybe we can get this season translated.


    • Thank you for reading my reviews!

      I do plan on doing reviews for season 2 of TLSL, but it’s not a priority for me right now since I’m quite behind on that game and school is keeping me busy… hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soon ^__^;;

      I doubt that Voltage is going to translate KOR anymore, but it doesn’t hurt to keep our hopes up! Issei’s season 2 sounds interesting and I’d love to read it 😀


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