[WALKTHROUGH] Our Two Bedroom Story: Tsumugu Kido season 2 The Proposal

OTBS Tsumugu Kido S2 the proposal

Chapter 1

  • For me
  • I sure am loved!

Chapter 2

  • Say what you really feel
  • High school

Chapter 3

  • Soap Attack!
  • What did she mean by that?

Chapter 4

  • Did you want to be alone with me?
  • Is he really okay?

Chapter 5

  • How about a kiss?
  • What I like is you

Chapter 6

  • Yes, I miss him a lot
  • Show him how you really feel

Chapter 7

  • Hug him
  • Make something up

Chapter 8

  • Let’s share it
  • What do you think?

Chapter 9

  • Give Tsumugu a hug
  • Show him with actions

 OTBS S2 ending

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