[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Hiroto Chitose season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Hiroto Chitose S1 sequel

Hiroto and the MC have passed the first stage of the marriage program and are happily in love, but the MC starts to struggle with keeping their relationship a secret when Hiroto does the unthinkable and reveals it to their coworkers! The MC starts to hear whispers of his womanizing past at work and while seeds of doubt start to get sown in her heart, she’s determined to trust him. However, their situation changes drastically when a child shows up at their doorstep claiming that Hiroto is his father?!

Hiroto was kind and considerate to the MC in his main story, and nothing has changed; if anything, he’s even more so in this story >w< While he does tease the MC time to time, he’s incredibly gentle with her and does his best to comfort her when he senses that she’s uncomfortable or upset with something. I found his little antics to make the MC laugh are funny and adorable; he’s affectionate with her without being pushy, and I love how he’s always making sure what he wants is what she wants too >w<

Hiroto’s past plays a huge part in this story. When Hayato shows up unannounced at their door, the MC is shocked and feels as if her world is falling apart; however, she quickly regains her composure and welcomes Hayato into their home while deciding to trust Hiroto. While she takes Hayato’s appearance in stride and does her best to make him comfortable, this isn’t an easy thing to do. It would’ve been extremely easy for her to doubt Hiroto because of his womanizing past, but she chooses to believe that he isn’t the type of person to lie to her or have been so careless he had a child without knowing about it. Even when it looked like Hayato really was Hiroto’s son and everyone kept telling her she was better off with someone else, she chooses to stay with him. She accepts Hiroto’s past and loves him for his present self.

I absolutely loved Hiroto in this story. While he probably doesn’t want to end things with the MC, he asks her to seriously consider their situation and whether or not she wants to stay with him. He doesn’t deny his past relationships with women and is always honest with the MC; at one point in the story he says that you can’t know if someone really loves you unless you tell them everything about you, even the darkest secrets you want to keep untold.

I completely agree with this sentiment; if a person can’t love you at your worst, then how could they really love and accept everything about you? This is undoubtedly the main theme of this story, and I loved how it was written out. The subplot of Yumi’s relationships was integrated well into the main plot and really helped in conveying the theme in conjunction with the MC and Hiroto’s relationship. When the MC chooses to be with Hiroto in the end, it feels a lot more meaningful because she’s put careful thought into it at the urging of her friends and Hiroto himself. It’s her choice to make, and she chooses her love for him over what society might say about their situation.

I think this story was well written and paced much better than the previous sequels in MWA7R; even though it was only eight chapters, it didn’t feel rushed until towards the end, and even then it was only slightly fast paced. The reasoning behind Hayato’s appearance could’ve been thought out a little more, but at this point I’ve accepted that the situations that arise in this game are all due to Hayami’s influence XD

I highly recommend this story! If you liked Hiroto in his main story, you’ll definitely love him even more in this one. I enjoyed the epilogue, but if you’re not a fan of the MC being jealous, then I wouldn’t recommend it. It was interesting meeting HIroto’s father in it, and it looks like we might see his mother in a future story as well 😀 If you haven’t given Hiroto a try yet, please do! I didn’t expect to like him so much, yet here I am XD Happy playing!

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