[WALKTHROUGH] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Hiroto Chitose season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Hiroto Chitose S1 sequel

Chapter 1

  • “Just the usual…”
  • “I told them about you and I…”

Chapter 2

  • “I’m happy you did it.”
  • “That might not be bad at all…”

Chapter 3

  • “I’m sure it’s some kind of mistake.”
  • Say you’re not in the mood

Chapter 4

  • “Sorry about that.”
  • “Let’s go home together.”

Chapter 5

  • “Isn’t Hayato adorable?”
  • “I just don’t know yet.”

Chapter 6

  • “…If you say so.”
  • “I’m all right.”

Chapter 7

  • “I want to be with you, no matter what.”
  • “Hiroto and I love each other more than ever!”

MWA7R ending

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