[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 2 The Proposal

FILA Kazuki Serizawa S2 the proposal

With the reopening of Larme under her management, the MC is realizing her career dreams when a sudden surprise proposal from Kanata has gets her thinking about her future with Kazuki. However, Kazuki doesn’t seem interested in marriage any time soon; he’s busy with his own career due to Tarte & Tatin’s expansion. Although they’ve moved in together, the MC starts to see Kazuki less as time goes on and things turn complicated when another unexpected suitor confesses his love for her!

* * This will be a spoiler heavy review. If you don’t like spoilers, I recommend skipping to the last paragraph for my overall verdict. * *

Kazuki doesn’t have a good impression of marriage. This is referenced early on in the story, when he talks about his parents and how their marriage was a strain on them due to their busy careers and although they divorced, they’re much happier with their current relationship (they got back together but didn’t remarry). However, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to spend his life with the MC; he honestly loves her a lot and wants to see her happy. However, the stigma he has against marriage causes issues between what he wants from their relationship and what the MC and society expect from it.

The MC goes through a lot in this story. While she’s happy with how her career is going, she’s a bit saddened after Kanata’s “proposal” since it reminded her that Kazuki isn’t a fan of marriage. She wants to be considerate, but at the same time she longs for him to pop the question. I extremely disliked the MC’s mother in this story; while she is a bit pushy about marriage in other stories, it was emphasized a lot more in this one. The MC is already stressed about her inability to bring up the topic with Kazuki and seeing her friends all happily married, but those pale in comparison to the amount that her mother put on her with her constant nagging and outright lack of consideration for both the MC and Kazuki. While it’s understandable that she’s worried about her daughter, I don’t think it justified her actions.

Kazuki isn’t present for a lot of the story due to Tarte & Tatin opening a branch in Osaka. Consequently, the MC has to deal with a lot of these stressful situations by herself. Kazuki also added to her stress with his inability to clearly state what he wanted from their relationship; his habit of avoiding conflict hurt their relationship a lot. Although he says otherwise, it honestly felt like Kazuki cared more about his company than the MC in this story; it almost felt like he took her for granted. There was nowhere near the amount of support and communication they shared in their sequel; if anything this story felt like a step backwards for them.

Quite honestly, the story in general felt poorly written. The story started strong but quickly fell apart for me. While there was a lot of development for the conflicts, there wasn’t nearly enough development for their resolutions. The issues that were brought up in this story were legitimate, but they weren’t dealt with well; it felt like their problems were fixed suddenly and without much growth in their relationship. I felt frustrated and outright irritated while playing the latter half of this route. It got to the point where I wanted the MC to leave Kazuki for Aki (yes, this love triangle happens again but it wasn’t written very well either).

I absolutely loved Kazuki in his season 1 stories, but I can’t recommend this one. If anything, I’d recommend getting his “When We were Young” and proposal POV sub stories instead. They’ll give you a better understanding of the MC and Kazuki’s relationship in the past and I think the proposal POV did a pretty decent job at summarizing the plot while being a lot less frustrating to read. I’ve come to have pretty high expectations from FILA due to is excellent writing, but this was by far the most disappointing route I’ve read in it so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that his next story will make up for this one =___=;; Until then, happy playing!

9 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 2 The Proposal

  1. OMG really? that’s too bad. He’s kinda one of my favorites too. Ughh i dont know if i should invest on him after this, but i still might cos i like him a lot haha 😉 anyway thanks for this review ^^


  2. Thank you for the review Yume! I’m sort of baffled to find out that Aki was a rival again because didn’t he give the mc a supportive push in Kazuki’s main? And now he’s back? Aki sure is persistent. xD I would really like to hear more details on Aki in this story.


    • Aki was going to give up on the MC, but he didn’t like how Kazuki was taking her for granted and felt like he could treat her better (and honestly at a few points I wanted her to leave Kazuki for him =___=;; ) He’s really encouraging in this story and it was just like “no Aki, this isn’t your story, please stop being so attractive” the entire time XD


  3. I love all of your reviews. You are my first port-of-call when I’m thinking of buying a new story.

    I agree with the let down of the proposal story. I bought it for Kazuki, not for an absent boyfriend. The Pov is far better, and Kazuki redeemed himself through that.
    I’m totally with you in that I wanted the MC to dump Kazuki in favour of Aki. I felt the same in the season one main, though lol. Aki was the first character I chose and am still head-over-heels for him, so I wanted the Mc to get rid of the pushy, self-absorbed Kazuki and go with Aki.

    I can’t wait for the upcoming releases for F,ILA 🙂


  4. I’ve skipped The Proposal and waiting for The Wedding and Family Album for Kazuki…
    I bought the other 2 that you’ve recommended and I think it was a good summary of The Proposal so it was fine. ww

    I saw on tumblr that The Wedding and Family Album for his route is coming out in dec so till then… I’m sooo tempted to get all the family album for the available routes (sosuke, aki and momoi) because they all seem sooooo adorable as fathers TTATT


    • I love Aki so I can’t wait to get around playing his >w< They all look so cute with their children though (especially Sosuke's twins ^w^ )

      I can't wait to see Kazuki's stories either 😀


  5. I love younger guy stories and stories where the guy falls in love first (guilty as charged). I’m holding off on reading your reviews of the FILA stories just yet.

    I was wondering, which routes/guys would you most recommend from FILA? And Our Two Bedroom Story? Those are the two newer games that have my attention.

    And as a bit of an aside, from all the voltage games, which games/characters are your ultimate favourites? I’m thinking of going on a voltage binge soon and haven’t tried a lot of their newer games yet (I like the more mature ones like IYAT for instance – the writing is so good in that game)

    Thanks ~


    • My favorites in FILA are Aki, Yoh, Yuto, and Kanata. I feel that they have the best writing in the game and it’s hard not to fall for all of them ; w ; Aki and Yuto are such gentlemen! Kanata’s story had really strong writing and is probably my top favorite in the game.

      In regards to OTBS, I bias Shusei, Chiaki, and Tsumugu. Once again, I feel that they have the best writing in the game. Shusei is an absolute sweetheart so it’s hard not to like him >w< Chiaki gets the best character development in the game!! I love seeing him change with every story (especially in his season 2 stories; prepare a tissue box ; w ; ). Tsumugu and the MC have such great chemistry and you can't help but love them together ^w^

      You might want to try Kiss of Revenge! It's an older game but it's one of my top favorites; the writing is incredible and there's more going on than just falling in love (like IYAT). FILA is another one you want to try; the MC is older so you might like it as well.

      I hope this helped!


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