[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Makoto Morimachi season 1 Main Story

MLFK Makoto Morimachi S1 main story

After being rejected for the second time by her first love Hiroki, the MC’s night turns worse when her apartment gets flooded! With nowhere else to go, Makoto invites her into the Morimachi home until things get fixed up. She starts to see more of the older brother figure at home and work when he’s recruited into the R&D team at her company. When things start to look better for her when Hiroki starts to treat her well, her heart is thrown into confusion when she overhears that she was Makoto’s first love?!

Older than the MC by two years, Makoto has always been the “big brother” within their group of friends. Kind and considerate, he’s always willing to encourage and lend a helping hand to his friends, but it’s obvious to everyone that he gives the MC special treatment >w< While his smiles and cheerful personality make him appear to be absent-minded at times, he’s a serious student and works diligently to achieve his dreams. Makoto is extremely selfless (possibly the most selfless character that’s been released in a Voltage game so far) and tends to prioritize his friends and family’s happiness before his own; he honestly believes as long as they’re happy, he’ll find happiness through their own.

The MC is put on a team for a new product at Kokonoka, but as the only junior staff member in it, she wants to prove her worth to the other members and to Hiroki, who put her on it. Some people may not like how much attention she pays to what Hiroki thinks of her in this story; I didn’t, but it’s understandable that she did because she wasn’t quite over him yet. She gets discouraged easily, but Makoto is always there to encourage her. She grows a lot in this story and becomes a lot more independent when it comes to work, and I liked how you could see that as the story progressed.

* * spoilers * *

After the MC finds out about Makoto’s feelings for her, she knows that she loves him but doesn’t feel like she can return them. Makoto’s been in love with her for 20 years, but she’s only been obsessed with Hiroki and starts to second guess how she came to love Makoto. She’s only hurt him and thinks that she might have fell in love with him only because Hiroki rejected her. I think people may feel frustrated about her attitude about this (I know I was), but it’s completely understandable. It’s hard to feel like you’re worth someone’s love when you’ve caused them nothing but hurt; she doesn’t know if she can make him happy and that he might be better off with someone else.

However, it’s important to understand that love is about accepting everything about a person. If Makoto had only looked at her good points and blindly said that he loved her, then I think that she would’ve been right in her decision to not tell Makoto about her feelings. However, Makoto had accepted everything about the MC and still loved her; he’s seen her at her cry over another man, discouraged about work, and many other bad situations. But he didn’t give her up and encouraged and berated her when she needed it. While she felt like she wasn’t worthy of his love, he deemed her worthy of it, and that in itself is good enough for her to return his feelings.

* * end spoilers * *

Although the beginning of the story felt slightly rushed, I think the pacing of the story was well done. It feels like a lot happens in this story, but all the subplots tied into the main story and built upon one another. Because the MC and Makoto are already close, I didn’t see as much development compared to Ichiya’s route; however, the story was still well written (though it didn’t quite meet the expectations I had for it).

If you’re a sucker for sweethearts, then I highly recommend this story! Makoto is as sweet as they get, and he’ll definitely win you over with his smile >w< Makoto is definitely my favorite in MLFK so far, and if anything, this story made me anticipate Riku and Hiroki’s stories even more (especially Hiroki; I can’t wait to see him fall for the MC lol). Once again, happy playing!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Makoto Morimachi season 1 Main Story

  1. i’m hesitant to try him because he feels like a Shusei copcat. nothing against Shusei of course. I just don’t like copycats. Is he a copycat?


  2. I thought Mako was wishy-washy, I don’t think he was like a copycat Shu. I also am dying for Hiro (though Ayato is my bias for sure).
    I adore your reviews, 99% of the time your opinions seem to line up wth my own and makes your website a value when deciding on older routes.


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