[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Ren Shibasaki S1 sequel

After realizing her love for Ren, the MC has been in complete bliss in her everyday life with him. However, melancholy sets in when the anniversary date of her parents’ deaths creeps up around the corner. While Ren comforts her with his quiet kindness, she’s still plagued by insecurity and nightmares of losing him like her parents. Despite her worries, the program continues on to the second stage with a new challenge: Ren has to overcome his speechlessness in front of others to prove his love for her?!

I absolutely love Ren’s support for the MC. He’s always there for her, but doesn’t make a big deal out of it; his quiet kindness and subtle acts of comfort lets her that she not alone and he’s with her. This plays a huge role in this story, where the MC is haunted by the loss of her parents. While she did care for Ren and Yamato as close friends, her love for Ren has changed into something bigger, consequently intensifying the fear that she’ll lose him and go through the same cycle of loss she did with her parents. This frightens her a lot, especially since Ren was one of the people who pulled her out of it the first time.

While Ren is the one who had to learn how to voice his feelings to the MC in his main story, the MC is the one who learns how to convey hers to him in this one. She doesn’t want to worry him because of how busy he is with work; however, he encourages her to do so and she slowly learns how to share her worries and fears with him. I love how Ren doesn’t deny the MC’s grief. Although her parents passed away ten years ago, she’s still struck with feelings of loss and he accepts that. He realizes before the MC how important her memories of them are to her and encourages her not to try and forget them; time heals wounds, and while the MC isn’t quite there yet, she’ll slowly come to view her memories with her parents fondly instead of with grief.

This story focuses more on the MC overcoming personal issues. I liked how the program’s second stage didn’t play as large of a part in this story compared to the previous sequels; it was a nice change of pace and was a good fit for the MC and Ren, who feel like a couple who like to do things at their own pace (especially Ren lol). While the writing was a bit iffy at a few scenes, the overall story was well written and paced. Despite only being eight chapters long, it didn’t feel rushed.

If you liked Ren in his main story, then I highly recommend his sequel! He’s just as sweet (if not sweeter) in this story and you’ll get to see him act adorable when he’s in bed sick with a cold >w< I can’t wait to see what’s in store for his season 2 stories, and until then, happy playing!

5 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Sequel

  1. Thank you for this review Yume,
    I have been waiting when you will do this review because Ren is such a amazing guy :3 Sigh… For example, I love the scene when it was revealed that he has been sending flowers to her parents grave ever since the day they died. Because he wanted to put her parents spirits at ease, and want to say that he will be loving/taking care of the MC for now on. (HOW can you not love him? He is just a sweet a amazing guy!!) Anyway I can’t wait for season 2 to come 😀
    p.s. I just find out that TLSL is having a sale for season 2! (Just to help you save money) Anyway I can’t wait until you do the review for Dr.Himuro because MANY people who are in love with him.
    Thank you once again 😉


    • The sale for TLSL doesn’t help me since I already have all the stories ; w ; Thank you for the information though!

      Ren is amazing (/w\) I can’t wait to play Himuro’s story! A lot of people seem to like him and I find myself looking forward to it because of that 😀


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