[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Takamune Kitami season 1 Main Story

MLFK Takamune Kitami S1 main story

After being put in charge as the liaison between Kokonoka and the West Tokyo FC soccer team, the MC finds herself working with Takamune, a childhood neighbor on the team. With their friendship with Ayato being the only link between them, she’s unsure of how to interact with the blunt and stoic Taka; his single-mindedness for soccer leaves little room for interaction with others. The MC wants to close the gap between them, but she slowly goes from wanting to be friends to something more?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Butler Until Midnight: Yuma Akagi season 1 Main Story

BUM Yuma Akagi S1 main story

After discovering she’s the daughter of an elite family in the business world, the MC is told to choose a butler to serve her as she’s groomed for her debut into high society. Taken in by his princely demeanor, she chooses Yuma, the Ichijo family’s head butler; however, the MC is shocked when his kind smile is replaced by an overbearing sneer after she does so! His harsh words extinguish any interest she may have had in him, yet she finds herself falling into a forbidden romance between mistress and butler as she learns more about the capable butler. Continue reading

semi-haitus + other announcements


Hi there everyone!

I’m sorry for spending such a long time away from this blog. Life has been hectic and I didn’t even realize its been a month since I last posted something until someone pointed it out. I apologize to those who are waiting for reviews and walkthroughs ㅠ___ㅠ

I’ve finished Yuma’s main story but haven’t found the time to write his review yet. Hopefully I’ll have it up by this weekend ; w ;

I’m announcing a semi-haitus until mid-December. I have too many projects and papers piling up and I’m doubting I’ll have a lot of time to play otome games until the semester ends (if you didn’t know, I prefer playing a whole story through in one sitting because it gives me a better sense of pace and story flow, but unfortunately my schedule isn’t allowing for it lately).

I’ll still be posting news posts. For those wanting to know in advance, my goals for winter break are covering my Voltage backlog, finishing my Hakuoki replay, and getting through Amnesia, Code:Realize and maybe Norn9. I’d like to start playing mobile games by other companies next year so hopefully I’ll be able to do so after finishing up on what I’m planning on catching up on.

I’ll try to squeeze in a few stories during this time but please don’t be expecting much (I’ll probably be able to get a few in during Thanksgiving break).I’m a student and running this blog is my hobby, but ultimately school and real life responsibilities come first. You guys are awesome with your patience and thank you for being understanding!