[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Hiroki Eniwa season 1 Main Story

MLFK Hiroki Eniwa S1 main story

After being rejected by Hiroki, the MC decides to put her motivation into work when she’s assigned to Kokonoka’s 100th anniversary campaign. While she’s resolved to put her first love behind her, her relationship with him takes an unexpected twist when she’s suddenly introduced as his girlfriend! When she’s given the chance to deepen her relationship with Hiroki in a way she’s not sure she’s ready for, the MC chooses to take it and change her bond with him beyond being just childhood friends. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Last First Kiss: Riku Morimachi season 1 Main Story

MLFK Riku Morimachi S1 main story

The MC finds herself working on Kokonoka’s 100th anniversary campaign with the famed photographer Kazumi Ito and his apprentice, her childhood friend Riku. Though their past secret relationship makes things awkward between them, she tries to reconcile with Riku and restore the friendship they had years ago. However, she’s surprised to know that the quiet boy she’s known has changed more than she could’ve imagined as she grows closer to him again at work and in private. Continue reading

some updates

I know I said I would post reviews after mid-December but there’s been a lot of things that have been going on in my personal life that got in the way of this.

I’m really apologetic to you guys and I thank you for your patience. I’m really thankful you guys visit this little blog of mine and read what I have to say about these characters or use the walkthroughs I take the time to make. It started as a hobby but it means a lot to me now and I can’t express how thankful I am.

I’m probably either going to announce another haitus or just throw myself into these games for a while. I don’t know yet.

For those of you who would like a more in depth explanation, there’s more under the cut. Continue reading