Important Announcements

First of all, my apologies for not posting for a month! Life has been busy with uni and work ; A ;

I’d like to announce some changes in how I’ll be running this blog. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this for the past week ^^

I love running this blog since it’s a hobby but at some point it turned into a chore. I started to put off playing stories because I didn’t want to deal with writing reviews on top of my already busy workload ; A ; I love writing reviews, but it started to feel like an obligation so I’ve thought of how I can change things so I can still enjoy playing routes and writing about them.

My main focus was on Voltage Inc’s games but I’ve been wanting to branch out for a while. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to because of their (ridiculously) fast-paced release schedule ; A ; After pondering on it, I’ve decided my main priority for Voltage reviews/walkthroughs will shift from all stories to new characters, then season 1 sequels. Not to say that I won’t do reviews for stories in later seasons! If I find extra time I most definitely will ^^ I think most interest is in new characters since many people want to read a few opinions before deciding to buy their stories and since this blog is a source of information for you guys, I want to deliver in this aspect. I also feel that season 1 stories give me a good idea of what to expect from a character’s stories for the rest of the game; there have been instances where I’ve been wrong, but Voltage has usually been predictable in their character tropes and what issues they’ll tackle and the level of writing throughout a character’s stories is usually consistent as well (once again, this is true for most, but not all characters; I’ve been wrong before *coughs*Chiaki*coughs*).

I’ll be trying to get into mobile otoges developed by other companies as well! My main interests for now are NTT Solmare’s Shall we date? series, D3 Publisher’s Forbidden Romance series, and games developed by Genius LLC. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to them soon… I’ve been eying War of Prayers and Life is Beautiful for a while ^^

In regards to Vita games, I’ve decided I won’t write walkthroughs for these. They’re a lot more difficult to make walkthroughs for since the storylines often break often into multiple endings that are influenced by choices you make throughout the entire route, which are often much longer compared to mobile games. There are also many existing walkthroughs that you can find with a quick google search ^^ My reviews for these games will be for each character, then the game as a whole. Character reviews will be written as soon as I finish all endings for a character, and overall game reviews once I’ve cleared all endings for all characters ^^ The first game you should expect to see reviews for is Amnesia (sorry Hakuouki… my replay + reviews will have to be pushed back a bit ; w ; )

I’ll also be opening up to review requests! You can find more information here ^^

I think this covered most of what I had to say. I hope everyone is comfortable with the changes ^___^;;

Happy playing!