Important Announcements

First of all, my apologies for not posting for a month! Life has been busy with uni and work ; A ;

I’d like to announce some changes in how I’ll be running this blog. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this for the past week ^^

I love running this blog since it’s a hobby but at some point it turned into a chore. I started to put off playing stories because I didn’t want to deal with writing reviews on top of my already busy workload ; A ; I love writing reviews, but it started to feel like an obligation so I’ve thought of how I can change things so I can still enjoy playing routes and writing about them.

My main focus was on Voltage Inc’s games but I’ve been wanting to branch out for a while. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to because of their (ridiculously) fast-paced release schedule ; A ; After pondering on it, I’ve decided my main priority for Voltage reviews/walkthroughs will shift from all stories to new characters, then season 1 sequels. Not to say that I won’t do reviews for stories in later seasons! If I find extra time I most definitely will ^^ I think most interest is in new characters since many people want to read a few opinions before deciding to buy their stories and since this blog is a source of information for you guys, I want to deliver in this aspect. I also feel that season 1 stories give me a good idea of what to expect from a character’s stories for the rest of the game; there have been instances where I’ve been wrong, but Voltage has usually been predictable in their character tropes and what issues they’ll tackle and the level of writing throughout a character’s stories is usually consistent as well (once again, this is true for most, but not all characters; I’ve been wrong before *coughs*Chiaki*coughs*).

I’ll be trying to get into mobile otoges developed by other companies as well! My main interests for now are NTT Solmare’s Shall we date? series, D3 Publisher’s Forbidden Romance series, and games developed by Genius LLC. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to them soon… I’ve been eying War of Prayers and Life is Beautiful for a while ^^

In regards to Vita games, I’ve decided I won’t write walkthroughs for these. They’re a lot more difficult to make walkthroughs for since the storylines often break often into multiple endings that are influenced by choices you make throughout the entire route, which are often much longer compared to mobile games. There are also many existing walkthroughs that you can find with a quick google search ^^ My reviews for these games will be for each character, then the game as a whole. Character reviews will be written as soon as I finish all endings for a character, and overall game reviews once I’ve cleared all endings for all characters ^^ The first game you should expect to see reviews for is Amnesia (sorry Hakuouki… my replay + reviews will have to be pushed back a bit ; w ; )

I’ll also be opening up to review requests! You can find more information here ^^

I think this covered most of what I had to say. I hope everyone is comfortable with the changes ^___^;;

Happy playing!

17 thoughts on “Important Announcements

  1. I haven’t been blogging nearly as long as you have, but I know how it feels when a hobby becomes a chore! I’m glad you were able to come up with a solution that works for you and the blog… I have been following your blog for awhile now and it was kinda my inspiration to start one of my own so I am really happy to hear you’ll continue blogging! 😀 You are awesome!


  2. uni can be really hard on us sometimes >.< so update whenever you'd like. putting your time and energy to do all of the reviews for us. Your reviews help me decide which route should I buy. and that helps me a lot. Thank you so much. ❤ you're amazing!


  3. Hey Yume,
    Thank you for updating I was wondering what was happening to you. Anyway, I agree with your decision, and I understand the feeling that Uni can be tough (since I am taking classes at College.) So I will gladly wait for your next review because I truly like hearing your opinions, about each character. I hope that someday anytime that you are fee can you please do a review on After School Affairs because I reading a whole LOT of mixed reviews so I am really glad if you can please shed some light on that. 😉
    Oh by the way… did you hear that Kiss of Revenge in Japan got an update which is their point of reviews stories?! OMG I am SO jealous!!! Please Voltage translate this because I really want to hear Issei thoughts when he was falling in love with you! Even better please bring back this game!!
    Bye for now 😀


    • I saw the KOR updates on Koi Cafe and I really hope we get them on Sweet Cafe as well ; w ;

      I’m really looking forward to playing AFA since it’s a mix of school and office romance. Hopefully I’ll like it ^^


  4. It’s because your reviews are rather comprehensive and specific, which in actual provide a clear insight instead of an overview at high level to most of your followers. I can’t agree more that with your thoughtful intention, comes every detailed review which really becomes a chore that eats up precious time in your everyday schedule. Heh…. That’s exactly what happened to my own blog, which was abandoned since 2010…… Anyway, I agree that this should not continue to be a burden to you, and similarly to your interest, I downloaded NTT Solmare’s War of Prayers approximately a month ago but I can’t seem to complete all my Voltage series….LOL

    Do prioritize your studies and work commitments above our requests, which is only fair for you to do so. And thank you for all your thoughtful reviews and walkthroughs within this blog.


  5. Voltage sure knows how to rein in the money from their readers. Zyglavis MS, POV and Epilogue have been released last week, and you’ll get a mini story free if you purchase all the 3 mentioned by end of this month. Zyglavis is truly an eye candy aside from the wonderful guy he is. His plot is well written and the pace is also timely. Ritsuto’s route was released earlier in the week prior to Zyglavis. His CGs are beautiful and he’s handsomely drawn too. Personally, I still prefer Kyohei’s personality and maturity over Ritsuto. That’s my share of opinions on the recent releases from Voltage. I heard that Astoria and After School Affairs are both good from other Voltage readers, and I have downloaded them for sometime but never got started… LOL


  6. Just wanted to pop in and agree that your reviews are super helpful in that they’re concise but in depth enough to help readers decide if the route is for them. I’ve personally made decisions based on your reviews (oh hello there, Yuno Takeshi). I understand and appreciate that it’s tough to blog when it’s just a hobby.

    Sometimes I find it helpful to just cut myself some slack. Like I’d take a step back and be like, “Wait, why do I need to finish all these routes and spinoff stories? Yes I love this character, yes having incomplete routes makes me feel like someone is scratching my eyeballs with a rusty nail, but seriously. Dese be games.”

    Still looking forward to whatever you’ll be reviewing. Hope to see more soon =)


  7. Hi Yume. Its been happening for a few days now but i can’t seem to access your tumblr page unless i have an account. Is there a reason for this or did you set it on private? Thanks~


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