Q: What should I expect in a review?

A: Most of the time I try to give a brief spoiler-free summary about what happened in the route and then my opinions on what I liked/disliked from it afterwards. The length of my reviews vary; it really depends on how much I enjoyed/disliked the route, how complex it was, what happened in the story, etc. I try to keep minimize the number of spoilers I use in my reviews, but if I feel that I cannot fully review a story without revealing major plot elements, I will put up a warning before writing about them.

Q: I noticed one of your reviews changed. Why?

A: People always change, and so do their opinions. How I feel about a route the first time I play it might not stay the same when I replay it later. Mostly it has to do with me comparing the route to other routes in the game, and the game itself to other games. I try to update my opinions on these games when I can.

Q: What are otoge opinions?

A: Sometimes I’ll want to talk about a game before I get around to writing a formal review about it. The content for these usually fall into mini-reviews, fangirling, or criticism; or more simply put, ramblings. I will usually only write these if I haven’t gotten around to finishing a whole route or the game.

Q: I don’t know what games/routes I should buy. There are so many!

A: I totally understand this feeling (which is why I end up getting most of them ; w ; )

I realize that not everyone has the means to buy all the routes they want to play, which is why I post my reviews here to help you make a choice if you’re feeling torn. If you’re still not sure on what routes you want to buy, don’t hesitate to ask me! It can be on here, tumblr, or twitter, but I guarantee I will do my best to reply in a timely manner >w<

Q: I don’t have enough money to buy a route. Could you please post a play through video or screenshots of a route?

A: I DO NOT post play through videos or screenshots of entire routes. It goes against my morals, and is considered intellectual piracy. I get the most asks about Voltage games, and Voltage themselves have stated clearly that they do not allow this practice, and that anyone who’s caught doing so will lose the right to their current purchases and will not be able to purchase their stories anymore.

I go by assumption all companies follow the same policy, and will not post these, so please do not ask. The best that I can do is write reviews to help you choose which games/routes to buy and enjoy.


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