Review Requests

You can request reviews of specific routes by commenting on this page! There’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to get to them, but I’ll most definitely keep them in mind while figuring out which stories to put first in my priority list.

Please search the blog before putting in a request. If it doesn’t pop up, please include the full game title, character name, and route title in your request here.

If your comment doesn’t appear immediately, don’t worry about it; some comments have to be approved by me before they appear. If your comment doesn’t appear after three days, then something went wrong and WordPress didn’t process your comment; in this case, please comment with your request again ^^

Please keep in mind my priorities for Voltage games are new characters, then season 1 stories. You can request later stories but as I stated before, it depends on the time I have available and where they fall on my priority list.

After your request has been done, the corresponding comment will be deleted from this page to keep it clean ^^

Happy playing!