Other Game Reviews


Grimm’s Princess (Genius)

  • Alfred
  • Christoph
  • Friedrich
  • Galiza
  • Wolf

Pay for my Call with a Kiss (Genius)

  • Hibiki Seishima

Twilight Romance (Genius)

  • Akira
  • Albert
  • Leo
  • Ray
  • Shion


Dandelion – Wishes brought to you – (Chertiz, Steam/PC/Mac)

  • Jieun
  • Jihae
  • Jisoo
  • Jiwoo
  • Jiyeon

Nameless ~ The one thing you must recall ~ (Chertiz, Steam/PC/Mac)

  • Lance
  • Red
  • Tei
  • Yeon-ho
  • Yuri


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2 thoughts on “Other Game Reviews

  1. Hi! I reciently started playing otome games… I kinda “got married” with the NTT Solmare Shall we Date? franchise and games… yesterday, I saw “My Elemental Prince” (Genus LLC) but I’m not sure if I wanna buy it… I mean, they give you 3 tickets to play as sample… but I don’t want to buy the stories and not like them… also, I kept comparing the game to NTT games (which makes my buying decision even harder). So, I would like you – as an objective outsider – to tell me a bit about your perception on the Genius LLC games you have played so far. Thank you! I’ll come back from time to time to this post to check on it. So, no need to rush your reply. 🙂


    • Hi there!

      I actually haven’t had any time to play any Genius games yet. Voltage has been monopolizing my time ; w ; I’m sorry I can’t answer your question ; A ;


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