[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Akito Kakiuchi season 2 Wedding Bells

MFW Akito Kakiuchi S2

With a fulfilling life at both work and home, the MC and Akito are busy as ever with their wedding plans and their company’s participation in the Top Wedding Collection. However, the newfound bliss after their engagement comes to a stop when the MC starts to worry about their forbidden office romance being discovered at work. She silently struggles choosing between her love or her work when their secret accidentally gets discovered by a coworker?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Akito Kakiuchi season 2 Main Story

MFW Akito Kakiuchi S2

Though they bicker at times, the MC and Akito are happy in love and work. However, one day Akito is suddenly asked to take care of his younger cousin! Ami is outgoing and tomboyish, and livens up things in their home, making Akito and the MC wonder what life would be like if they have children in the future. Things seem to be going well on the surface, but the MC starts to hear rumors of Akito’s spa not doing well. Though she wants to support him, he refuses to tell her anything, saying everything is all right. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Akito Kakiuchi season 1 Sequel

MFW Akito Kakiuchi S1

After the success of their sake spa treatment products, the MC starts to work at Akito’s company as an assistant in product development. Company relationships are forbidden, so they have to keep their office romance a secret from their coworkers. Though things start out great, they start to have issues when there are rumors of Akito having an affair with a client. The MC wants to trust him, but starts to have doubts when they start to have miscommunication in their relationship. Continue reading