[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 3 No Love Allowed

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S3 no love allowed

After the MC transfers to the newly established Saison department, both she and Chiaki are shocked to find out that office romances are prohibited by her new Chief Editor! However, after a disastrous appearance of Kagetora’s sister at their office, the MC finds herself being roped into playing Kagetora’s girlfriend for the sake of peace at Shiki Publishing. Unsettled by their separation at work and the MC’s phony relationship with her new coworker, Chiaki finds himself caught in between wanting to protect the woman he loves or being too overprotective. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 2 Don’t tell him I’m Popular!

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S2 don't tell him

Although they’re happily engaged, Chiaki and the MC find their love live intruded on when they’re told they have to move into the newly built company condos for month! Chiaki isn’t letting the presence of other people hinder their time together, and work is going well for the both of them when he’s given a chance to submit for the prestigious company Industry Report and the MC is paired together with Kaoru for a new project. However, Kaoru’s feelings toward the MC start to change, and Chiaki notices?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 2 The Proposal

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S2 the proposal

After moving into an apartment when their house needs to get renovated, Chiaki and the MC are surprised when Chris comes to visit them at Shiki Publishing, telling them he’s staying a while for an exchange student program. After finding out that the famous lawyer the MC is interviewing is Chris’s mother, Chiaki starts to act strange, and the MC starts to suspect it has to do with what happened in his past. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 1 Sequel

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S1 sequel

The MC and Chiaki’s personal and work lives are going extremely well. The MC is put in charge of interviewing Christopher Brown, a talented young photographer from New York, while Chiaki is in the talks of being transferred to New York. Though he initially refuses, the MC feels like she’s holding him back when he really wants to go, and convinces him to go to New York. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 1 Main Story

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S1 main story OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S1 main story

After finding out that she’ll be living with Chiaki, the gets transferred to the Seasonelle team as well. She starts to interact with Chiaki at both work and home, and gets to know a cruel side of him that he hides behind smiles. She’s confused as to which is the “real” Chiaki, and gets stringed along to his rhythm by his teasing. However, things turn complicated when they get assigned to convince an author to write a series for Seasonelle and the author starts to show interest in the MC. Continue reading