[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Eiki Yachigusa Sequel

MPDCTY Eiki Yachigusa sequel

After wrapping everything up in New York, Eiki is officially part of the 2nd unit at Metro PD. Things seem to be going well until a child named Akari is kidnapped and a ransom notice is sent to Metro PD instead of her parents. Yoshiya Inoue, a famous psychic who makes predictions on television, offers to give the 2nd unit a prediction about the kidnapping and sexual assault cases. Everyone is surprised when her prediction on the sexual assault case comes true a few days later. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Eiki Yachigusa Main Story

MPDCTY Eiki Yachigusa

Eiki is a transfer detective from the NYPD currently going through training at MPD. He’s outgoing and cheerful, and good at his job; he’s known for being a genius detective who solved a difficult case said to be the hardest to solve in the history of NYPD. However, there are secrets that he hides behind that smile of his. Continue reading