[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 2 The Proposal

FILA Kazuki Serizawa S2 the proposal

With the reopening of Larme under her management, the MC is realizing her career dreams when a sudden surprise proposal from Kanata has gets her thinking about her future with Kazuki. However, Kazuki doesn’t seem interested in marriage any time soon; he’s busy with his own career due to Tarte & Tatin’s expansion. Although they’ve moved in together, the MC starts to see Kazuki less as time goes on and things turn complicated when another unexpected suitor confesses his love for her! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Sosuke Kikuchi season 2 The Proposal

FILA Sosuke Kikuchi S2 the proposal

After receiving a prank proposal from Kanata, the MC is shocked when Sosuke asks for her hand in marriage right afterwards! Troubled by his proposal made out of jealousy, the MC worries even more when Sosuke is scouted for the Olympics! She couldn’t be happier and wants to support him, but wonders if marriage is the right thing to do when they’re both finally reaching their dreams. However, their situation drastically changes when Sosuke comes back home with an injury and tells the MC that he wants to end their relationship?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Shuichiro Momoi season 2 The Proposal

FILA Shuichiro Momoi S2 the proposal

Change is in the air when the MC reopens Patisserie Larme; not only is she in charge of the new store, but Momoi is going away to France for a year! However, their separation is shorter than expected when Momoi is given the chance to be the head pastry chef of the branch store a famous French bakery is opening in Japan. Though they’re closer now than ever before after Momoi’s return, their hearts slowly grow distant due to their busy schedules. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Aki Fujishima season 2 The Proposal

FILA Aki Fujishima S2 the proposal

It’s been a year since Aki and the MC have met each other, and their circumstances have considerably changed since then; the MC is the owner of the newly reopened Larme while Aki pursues success with his own consulting firm. Their moments as a couple grow sweeter than ever, but the MC’s mother keeps pestering her about settling down and getting married. The MC wants to hear a proposal from Aki as well, but doesn’t want to pressure him when both of them are busy with their new careers. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kanata Tachibana season 2 The Proposal

FILA Kanata Tachibana S2 proposal

After suddenly receiving a proposal from Kanata, a regular customer at Larme, the MC is shocked when he introduces her as his fiancée to his grandmother! When her mother comes in asking about their relationship, the MC agrees to use their fake “engagement” to get her parents off her case about marriage. However, as she spends more time with the mysterious erotic novelist, he slowly wins his way into her heart, making her realize that love might not be far from her grasp after all. Continue reading