[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Ayumu Shinonome MS2: Falling in Love

HLITF Ayumu Shinonome ms2 falling in love

After giving the MC a test “confession,” Ayumu continues to tease her with them, telling her that she needs to work on her seduction skills. The MC is determined to do better in all aspects of her training, and continues to try her best at it with his help. She struggles to keep her feelings for Ayumu in check when she’s suddenly asked by Kaga to investigate him! There’s more to the purse-snatching case than she suspected, and Ayumu is deemed as one of the suspects?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Ayumu Shinonome MS1: Meeting Him

HLITF Ayumu Shinonome ms1 meeting him

The MC chose to be assigned with Ayumu to clear up the misunderstanding with him about her walking into the shower; however, things backfire when she finds out from him that she got into the academy fraudulently. She gets assigned as his aide, and he continues to use the information of her “backdoor” entrance to the academy to work her to death. Despite the things she says about him in her head, the MC starts to get curious as to what’s really behind his manipulative smile. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Shusuke Soma MS2: Falling in Love

HLITF Shuske Soma MS2 falling in love

It’s been several months since Soma and the MC went undercover as husband and wife for an investigation, and the MC struggles with keeping her feelings for him in check. Their “newlywed” life soon comes to an end when they gain the necessary information, but the MC doesn’t have time to dwell on it when circumstances call for them to act as a married couple again due to the mysterious disappearances of people in various locations. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Shusuke Soma MS1: Meeting Him

HLITF Shusuke Soma ms1 meeting him

After being paired with Soma, the MC finds herself thrown into an undercover case dealing with the yakuza. Soma wants to show the MC the darker side of what being a PSD entails, and the MC has conflicted feelings when she’s told that she’s the “best person” to be a PSD in that respect. She gets chosen to be Soma’s aide, but as she spends more time with him, she starts to see a darker side of him hiding behind his gentlemanly smile. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hideki Ishigami MS2: Falling in Love

HLITF Hideki Ishigami ms2 falling in love

With her developing feelings for Ishigami, the MC struggles to keep it a secret from him while she strives to do well at the academy. Ishigami continues to help her in her studies, and things are going well until he discovers her feelings for him. After coldly rejecting her, he distances himself and the aides are all reassigned to different instructors. The MC throws herself into her studies to avoid thinking about it, but continues to wonder if their relationship will continue to be this strained and distant. Continue reading