[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hyogo Kaga MS2: Falling in Love


After realizing her feelings for Kaga, the MC struggles to keep them in check while keeping in mind their instructor-student relationship. However, she can’t help but be worried about him after he starts to act more on his own after it becomes obvious that someone is targeting him. With whispers of “partner killer” going around and distrust from his superiors, Kaga finds himself in a tight spot while the MC worries over how she can best support him. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hyogo Kaga MS1: Meeting Him


After choosing to be partnered up with Kaga for a training mission, the MC is assigned to be his aide. Kaga refuses to accept it, saying that he doesn’t need a useless “piece.” After much persuasion, he finally agrees to use the MC as his “servant,” and she starts to work under him while carrying on her school duties as well. Although others whisper about him being so focused on the mission that he’d kill off his own teammates, the MC starts to learn more about Kaga and discovers that he’s not as harsh as he appears. Continue reading