[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 2 The Proposal

FILA Kazuki Serizawa S2 the proposal

With the reopening of Larme under her management, the MC is realizing her career dreams when a sudden surprise proposal from Kanata has gets her thinking about her future with Kazuki. However, Kazuki doesn’t seem interested in marriage any time soon; he’s busy with his own career due to Tarte & Tatin’s expansion. Although they’ve moved in together, the MC starts to see Kazuki less as time goes on and things turn complicated when another unexpected suitor confesses his love for her! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 1 Sequel


It’s been a while since the MC and Kazuki have gotten back together, and both their personal and professional lives are blooming. Aki wants Larme to participate in the prestigious Japan Sweets Contest, so the MC starts to spend more time after work preparing for it. Kazuki introduces the MC to Tess, a coworker from his days back in the U.S. who he hired into Tarte and Tatin as his secretary to help him with the company’s growth. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 1 Main Story

FILA Kazuki Serizawa S1 main story

After losing her job, the MC runs into her ex from ten years ago. After running into Aki and Momoi while catching up with Kazuki at a bar, she finds herself with a new job at Patisserie Larme while teaching baking classes at Kazuki’s company. Though they separated at bad terms, the MC starts to fall for Kazuki again as they spend more time together as work colleagues and as friends. Continue reading