[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh season 2 Twist of Fate

KBTBB Soryu Oh S2 twist of fate

With Soryu being the newly appointed head of the Ice Dragons, the time he shares with the MC becomes precious and few when the responsibilities that come with his position continue to pile up. The MC finds herself keeping quiet about things so Soryu doesn’t have more to worry about, but things turn complicated when Murata, a delivery boy she’s befriended, confesses his feelings to her! Soryu finds out the confession, and does the unthinkable by suggesting they break up?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Eisuke Ichinomiya season 2 Twist of Fate

KBTBB Eisuke Ichinomiya S2 twist of fate

After the situation with Ozaki, the MC and Eisuke are closer than ever, but the peaceful days they share are shattered when there’s a low turnout in the usually bustling auctions. They discover that there’s another auction going on in Dubai, and things turn for worse when the locals in the area start protesting the presence of Tres Spades Dubai. Adding to the turmoil, the MC starts to get targeted for reasons unknown, causing Eisuke to take her and return to Japan?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Shuichi Hishikura season 2 Living Together


After getting bought by the Auction sponsors, the MC finds herself working at Tres Spades Dubai to repay the Sheik of his kindness of pardoning her from a prison sentence. Hishikura, a Japanese ambassador stationed in Dubai, keeps the MC under surveillance to ensure that she doesn’t cause any more problems. While being kept under strict watch, the MC runs into mysterious man named Shu at a party. Between the two men, one pursues her, but her heart starts to yearn for the other…? Continue reading

[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 2 Living Together

KBTBB Mamoru Kishi S2 living together

The MC and Mamoru have moved in together at Dubai, and things are going great for them at home and at work. However, when the MC discovers that there are illegal drug dealings happening near their home, Mamoru shows up and saves her, but the MC accidently gets shot at in the process. Soon afterwards, Mamoru is falsely charged for murder, and starts loosing his motivation to stay a detective. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 1 Sequel

KBTBB Mamoru Kishi S1 sequel

It’s been a few weeks since the MC and Mamoru have started dating, and other than him calling her “kid” occasionally, their relationship is going well. Mamoru is still trying to arrest the AID, who is still at large, but faces difficulties with his superiors with reopening the case. Given no choice, he starts to investigate on his own, but the MC starts to get worried about his safety when he leaves without a trace and loses contact with him. Continue reading