[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Kota Igarashi season 1 Sequel

SITS Kota Igarashi S1 sequel

Half a year after the MC has joined Revance as their ghostwriter, Kota gets a role in an upcoming Hollywood film. Though she’s excited for the opportunity he got, she quickly realizes that the distance between LA and Tokyo was further than she thought. The MC tries not to bother Kota since he’s busy with his new role, but she can’t help but miss him and wish he would contact her more. Things seem to be going well with Kota’s movie when suddenly accidents occur on set one after the other?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Kota Igarashi season 1 Main Story

SITS Kota Igarashi S1 main story

The MC finds herself tasked with writing the lyrics to the theme song of Kota’s upcoming movie as her first job as Revance’s ghostwriter. As hard as she tries, she has a hard time understanding the theme of the movie: heartbreak. To help her understand the emotions of the characters, Kota agrees to occasionally read through the script with her. However, the more lines she reads with him, the more she starts to feel as if she’s reading the script of her own situation as she starts to fall for the unreachable actor. Continue reading