[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kyoga season 1 Sequel

EITM Kyoga sequel

After dating for a month, Kyoga and the MC are happily in love. However, their relationship experiences issues when Kyoga says that he only needs the MC and her smile to be happy and doesn’t understand why she feels that she needs to get her friends’ approval of him. To Kyoga, their relationship is between him and her, and doesn’t concern anyone else. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kyoga season 1 Main Story

EITM Kyoga main story

After choosing to make an agreement with Kyoga, the MC starts living with him and all the other ayakashi at her house. Kyoga insists on staying in her room to protect her from other ayakashi in her sleep, but Kyoga is the one who worries the MC the most. He doesn’t honestly voice his thoughts, and add in the fact that he alternates from flirtatious to sweet, the MC is confused as to what his feelings for her are. Continue reading