[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Kyohei Rikudoh season 1 Sequel

SITS Kyohei Rikudoh S1 sequel

It’s been six months since the MC has become Revance’s “ghostwriter,” and after a successful promotion of singles for the band’s 10th anniversary, Kyohei gets invited to a dinner with a record label exec in New York! With Revance’s future is bubbling with possibilities, the MC finds herself questioning her abilities to write lyrics for them; although she enjoys writing lyrics for Revance as their ghostwriter, she finds herself wanting to chase after her original dream of writing screenplays. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Kyohei Rikudoh season 1 Main Story

SITS Kyohei Rikudoh S1 main story

With her future prospects as a screenwriter gone, the MC is coerced into becoming the “ghostwriter” for Revance. To ensure she doesn’t run away, she’s forced to live in their studio home, and finds herself learning more about Kyohei, the producer of the band and its most popular member. He’ll accept nothing short of the best lyrics she has for the band’s upcoming 10th anniversary, causing the MC to struggle with writing lyrics that’ll meet his expectations as her feelings for him grow. Continue reading