[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Maximillion Levaincois season 1 Sequel

BMP2 Maximillion Levaincois S1sequel

The MC and Max are in a long distance relationship while pursing their dreams. While having a drink with May and Gaston, Max appears for an interview for the upcoming Mode Night Out. During the interview, Max is asked about marriage with the MC, which he says that he’s definitely considering. But when he comes to visit the MC later that night, his thoughts on the subject seem different that what he said on television; he views marriage as something that’ll just eventually happen. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Maximillion Levaincois season 1 Main Story

BMP2 Maximillion Levaincois S1main story

After delivering the flour to Nobel Michel, the MC returns to her house and bumps into a strange man while taking out the trash. She gives him some food, and the next day he introduces himself as Max. The MC starts to get suspicious of his identity when she helps him find camera data cards of the six princes under a different name. They part ways, only for him to show up two weeks later asking for a date to pay her back for her kindness. Continue reading