[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 3 No Love Allowed

OTBS Minato Okouchi S3 no love allowed

After resettling into their house, Minato and the MC are about to come open about their relationship at work when the MC suddenly gets transferred! Now part of the newly started Saison team, the MC is shocked to find out that her new boss doesn’t allow romantic relations between coworkers! Things turn for the worse when she finds herself struggling to meet the demands of the Saison team, and to top it off, her boss hints at knowing about her relationship to Minato?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 2 Don’t tell him I’m Popular!

OTBS Minato Okouchi S2 don't tell him

With their house’s renovations being finished in a month, the MC and Minato are getting ready to move back in when suddenly the CEO of Shiki Publishing declares that everyone in the Seasonelle team will be living together in company housing for a month. While trying to keep their relationship under wraps from the rest of the team, they find out Tsumugu’s secret after being caught in the rain, and things turn even more complicated when he declares his love for the MC at the office! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 2 The Proposal

OTBS Minato Okouchi season 2 the proposal

After living with Minato for a while, Minato tries to make a few repairs in the attic, but falls through it onto your bed. The repairman comes in and says that there are multiple spots in the roof that need to be replaced, and recommends that the MC and Minato stay somewhere else for a while. He recommends them a place to stay for cheap, but once they get there, they’re in for a big surprise. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 1 Sequel

OTBS Minato Okouchi season 1 sequel

It’s been a while since the MC and Minato have been going out, but now they’re met with a surprise: Minato’s brother Wataru comes back from Italy to start his own restaurant. His arrival is similar to the MC’s in the main story; Minato’s father didn’t say a word about another person moving into the house. They start living together, but it doesn’t take long before Wataru starts causing trouble. Continue reading